Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Grey and sandy - with a spattering of smiles

Our Ocean City beach week was sadly lacking a few things necessary for complete enjoyment – the sun being the most obvious. We didn’t have even a flash of sunlight all week long. We made the most of the non-rainy but still overcast days and tried to keep our hopes up that the sun was on its way. We were forsaken. I could detail for you our disappointments, but that doesn’t help you or me. Instead I’d rather dwell on the things that made me happy. Here are some of those.
- Watching Noah cavort in the ocean could raise the spirits of some of the saddest souls. He dances and giggles, running in and out of the water, singing “Ocean! Ocean! Ocean!” He jumps up and down in the waves gleefully exclaiming “It’s a big one!” He runs in circles, prances around the beach flags and throws himself into the sand. It’s a scene of pure joy.
- Mark was out of work for 10 days! TEN glorious days of uninterrupted husband and father. I felt really sad this morning when he went back to work. Unfortunately two stay at home parents certainly doesn’t pay the bills.
- My Mom is happier than I’ve ever seen her. Her new boyfriend is a really nice guy and he’s treats her with the kind of love and respect that she deserves. It’s a really nice change.
- Mark’s Dad and his wife Sylvia came to the beach house for two nights. I’m not saying it’s completely comfortable, because it certainly isn’t, but I do enjoy when our families merge. And I really liked watching Noah run on the boardwalk holding hands with his Grandma and his Nana.
- Of course we enjoyed the choo choos and the neigh neighs – and lots of them. We fed Noah’s fixation heartily. But most exciting is that during the course of the week Noah went from requiring me to sit on the carousel horse with him to riding all by himself.
- Mark and I saw a movie! Hooray. We saw Dead Man’s Chest and really enjoyed it. It’s a beach week movie if I ever saw one. Silly, unadulterated fun.
- Last year at the beach Noah spent a good portion of the week being afraid of Bella. This year they were good pals – sharing toys and running around in circles. SO CUTE. It made me tear up. It was also great to chat with Sean and spend time with Trent.
- I read a book! Sure it was just a book of short stories and I had to finish it when we got home, but I still READ. And I pretended I was hanging out in Hong Kong.
- On Thursday I dug a hole. I got a shovel and set to digging a hole in the sand. No purpose really, and it didn’t accomplish anything either. But I have to say it’s one of the high points of my week. I dug digging that hole.

Well everything is a mess here and I'm behind on everything. It's going to take quite awhile to get things back in order, most especially me. Hope all are well.


patrice said...

trent, sean and bella had a great time, too. bella still wants to ride thomas choo choo every night.

amandak said...

So nice to see you back in blogland!

I hear you about the weather, it's been my nemesis all summer with this backyard project. I mean, really, I thought this was supposed to be the desert.

Glad to hear you managed to have good times anyways. Welcome home.

Stine said...

Hey girlie, glad to read you again. Why don't you send that rain our way, and I'll send you our sun. I like the sun and all, but I'm a Seattlite, I want my rain back. I'm ready for fall.

It sounded like a wonderful time. Glad you two got to see a movie.

lonna said...

I am dying to take Dermot to the shore. It sounds like watching Noah cavort on the beach made everything worthwhile. Multiple grandparents at once must have just been wonderful for little Noah. Good luck getting everything back into shape. I know how hard it can be to return from vacation.

Katiemagic said...

What fun! I can just see Noah splashing in the ocean.

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

Sounds like a great time in spite of the weather. Isn't it awesome to get Hubby for that long w/o work interferring!

Noah sounds like he's getting so big! Love the picture of him and Bella.