Friday, September 08, 2006

From the ground up

This week flew by and for the life of me I can’t even figure out what we have been up to, so I may have to make some crap up.

Today we had reps from Bell Floor Covering and Lowes come by our place to measure our second floor for carpeting estimates. We hate our despicably heinous carpet and have hesitated replacing it because we can’t really afford to do so. And we still can’t – but we also can’t live like this either. When we moved into our house our carpet was cheap, too light in color, stained and installed poorly. And because we had no regard for it over the years it has gotten progressively worse through a series of house parties, spills, vomiting cats, and Noah’s infancy. My mom gave us a carpet cleaner a couple of years ago and I was so frustrated with how little it actually cleaned of our horrible carpet that I put it in the basement to save it for a carpet that was worth shampooing. We just gave up on this sad carpet to the point that it has become most foul. And now it is time to bid it farewell and to start over with a new carpet that we intend to maintain. We picked out very cheap speckled Berbers and now we have to find out exactly what it’s going to cost to put down about 1000 square feet of it. Pray to the flooring gods for us.

On the baby front we still aren’t pregnant. But I’m very happy to report that we finally have some idea as to why we’re not getting pregnant and we’re on the path to finding out what we can do about it. I won’t go into the intimate details of our situation because that’s a bit too much for me to share on the blog at the moment, but I will say it’s really nice to have some answers finally and not have to listen to people insinuate that either we aren’t doing it right or we’re just over-thinking it.

I have to start dieting again since most of the weight I lost in July came back in August. Blasted! I can blame some of it on my vacation eating and some on the fact that on both of our trips I was not as active as I normally am with Noah at home. What I hate most about gaining weight is that the first place you can see it is in my quickly expanding face and jowls. Nature is cruel. So tomorrow I go back to strictly monitoring all I consume as well as attempting to get some additional exercise. I’ve got a wedding to attend in two weeks and I don’t want to look like a heifer. Of course tonight we BINGE.

Noah is currently at his most cutest and most frustrating. The joy, the words, the learning make being with him so incredibly fulfilling. The cuteness comes out of his mouth at an alarming rate. And the hugging, the kissing, the cuddling – he’s just so affectionate and I’m loving every minute of it. However the battles over nearly every choice made can be so tiring. He wants to do everything his “SELF!” He never wants to stop what he’s doing to do the next thing because he didn’t make that decision on his own. And sometimes he starts crying because he’s asking for two opposing options but doesn’t really want either of them. This afternoon he was “all done!” with his lunch and wanted “down down!” but when I tried to take his tray away so he could get out of his seat he wanted “tray!” and wanted “up!” It kills me. I just felt defeated and whimpered “I can’t play this game with you right now – WHAT do you want?” When he gets upset he often puts his hands over his eyes, puts his head down on the floor and in a forlorn voice says “sad, sad.” It breaks my heart and he knows it. He’s becoming manipulative – on more than one occasion I’ve said “You’re not sad” and he’s picked his head up and smiled at me. Little devil. But oh, the cuteness redeems him every time.


patrice said...

I am finding that I have to present things to bella in such a way that things seem either really fun, or that they were her idea in the first place. I'll say "okay, let's put on your pants." "NO! I DON WANNIT." "okay, oh, do you want to wear these pants? [same pants]" "all-yite. yeah!"

these kids are both going to be a handful when they're older.

Missuz J said...

Diets are of the devil.

Noah, on the other hand, is an angel.


lonna said...

Oh gosh, it only gets worse. I'm sorry, maybe Noah will be easier to control. Dermot is at the point where he wants to do everything by himself. My turn! My pick! It's so bad that now we have to pick him, open the cabinet, and let him pick out the box of his calcium chew and the jar of his vitamins. Then he gets to pick out his calcium chew, and I have to pour several of the vitamins into the lid of the jar and then he will pick one out. He also now needs to turn off the light and close the door before we nurse to sleep. He needs to pick out his dad's shirt in the morning, etc. We give in, but I'm starting to work on letting him deal a little with disappointment. I don't want him to think that he runs the show. Anyway, Noah's a cute little stinker and it sounds like you're getting it in check earlier than we did.