Friday, September 29, 2006

As a bee

It’s a busy, busy day and a busy, busy weekend. This morning we went to our Friday morning neighborhood kid coffee klatch. It was indoors because it was a bit too dewy to frolic in the great outdoors – and as a result it was a bit too chaotic and a bit too noisy and therefore Noah was too clingy. Early on one boy pushed another boy and crying commenced and after that Noah wouldn’t take more than one step away from me. One of the boys was so desperate to play and share with Noah that he was trying to force cars into his hands, but Noah wouldn’t take them. I kept saying “He’s sharing with you Noah, isn’t that nice?” and Noah said “Yes. It nice.” But still he wouldn’t play. Then we headed out on the El to West Philly to have Indian buffet with Mark as well as Julie, HPR and Schmoo. It was SO cool to meet a blog friend in person. And it’s crazy how much we all have in common – well except that they camp and are far more earthy and spiritual than we are. I mean they were in the Peace Corps! How cool is that? And the Schmoo is a bundle of cute toddlery goodness – and only four days younger than Noah. I look forward to hanging with them all again. That is if we didn’t scare them away.

Tonight I’m actually going OUT! With friends!! For drinks!!!! And extra exclamation points… I’ve run out. And the excitement doesn’t end there. Tomorrow we head out to Collegeville to celebrate my cousin’s son’s second birthday and on Sunday we hope to go to the Fall Festival at the Morris Arboretum with my father-in-law and his wife (weather permitting.) It’s all action all the time at the Eggerts house. Of course the action I should be taking as I type is cleaning up this damn sty before there are witnesses. I best get on that.

Oh – I really like THIS question and the responses it’s gotten. Maybe you will enjoy it too. Have an enchanting weekend.

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juliloquy said...

We LOVED meeting you guys! We may be all earthy and spiritual and stuff (finger quotes), but we've never been a high-power rock-n-roll & promotion machine! It was also great to see your parenting powers in action. You guys are so clear with Noah about your expectations, backed up with positive reinforcement or gentle discipline. It's inspiring.

I think it will be fun to see if our frequently-shy-and-clingy boys will actually play together at some point.

Hope the drinks were delicious!