Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Time blinks away

We’ve been busy bees. Sleepy, little time for ourselves, busy bees. The hot, hot days pass so quickly.

On Thursday I was able to go out for drinks with Theresa and Todd. When Theresa invited me out I was so pleased that I nearly combusted. It was a LONG time coming and I had a really lovely time catching up. I’m sure I talked too much about Noah, but that’s an occupational hazard that I hope can be easily forgiven. They also gave Noah two really great train books, Trains by Patricia Hubbell became an instant favorite.

We had Friday morning playgroup and lunch – and then while Noah was napping my friend Valentine came by to do a training with a Public Adjuster. They looked at our home insurance policy and made assessments as to whether we should make any claims for recent damage. They came to the conclusion that we might be able to get a nice bit of money to repair the dry wall and floor damage caused by our roof leak. We may file after we make sure that after the deductible, claim surcharge, and loss of the claim-free discount that we’ll come away with anything. I’ll let you know.

On Saturday Noah and I made a short visit with Grandma before heading to a baby shower. See if you can follow this – the shower was for my 11 year old (half) sister’s mother who is pregnant with her fourth child. Though we didn’t really know many people, it was really sweet of them to invite us. I think it probably made my little sister feel good to have members of both of her families together. Noah was a bit discombobulated at the shower however because he didn’t understand why Jessica couldn’t just stop and play with him. He mostly followed her around calling “An-Jess? An-Jess?” about 500 times. While Jess was writing the gift list Noah would run up and hand her a stack of cups. Everyone thought it was cute, but I felt kind of sad for him. When we got home Mark, Noah and I headed to Taco Riendo for a lovely dinner of sopes, tacos, and rice and beans.

On Sunday Mark went to Jersey for his Aunt and Uncle’s fiftieth wedding anniversary. He had a really lovely time and I was mighty jealous. They had a good turnout, a tear jerking slide show, excellent food and a swing band. It had all the trappings of a lovely wedding reception – PLUS waffles and ice cream. I was sad to have missed it. Noah and I went to have dinner at Susan’s house. Now that she has returned to work and Frannie is in daycare we don’t get to see much of them. So it was really nice to be invited over for Sunday dinner. The kids had a great time playing and Noah even gave Frannie hugs before we left. We all oohed and ahhed at the sickening cuteness of it.

Sunday night was the not sleeping night from hell. Noah has been having bouts of sleep difficulty lately and we gather it has to do with separation anxiety nightmares that are really common for 19 to 24 months. Apparently at this age they realize that not only is mom separate from them, but there is the chance that she could go away and not come back. Monday morning the only concrete thing we could learn about Noah’s dream was “Mama, Noah, Uh-Oh.” But his dream was bad enough that he was afraid to go back to sleep. I'm not quite sure how to handle the nightmare sleeplessness. Luckily last night was event free, so I guess I hope it just stops.

Yesterday we tried to recuperate from our crappy night. Nothing too spectacular about the day. Except the sheer longness of it. Today we head to Quakertown to see Oma and Pa Joe. I’m considering spending an hour at the Quakertown pool before we head to their place. It’s like 99 degrees today and we could use some refreshing watery time. Hope you all are well.


amandak said...

I was all ready to take my kidlets to the cool pool in Albuquerque, since all their summer swim time has been at Clark's gym, which I am not a member of, and now we've been slammed with the 'monsoon' season from hell, and somehow the thought of lightning, thunder, and torrential rain at the pool doesn't sound so appealing.

Glad you're getting caught up on sleep, and sad that sweet Noah is having nightmares.

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

I was told that nightmares are a sign of an active imagination. A very good thing to have for a child - however bad side effects.

Reassurance is about all a mommy can do. Sounds like a fun weekend!

patrice said...

it's hot. that pool is excellent, too. I want to stop what I'm doing and go right now. and I want tacos.

Stine said...

Monday morning the only concrete thing we could learn about Noah’s dream was “Mama, Noah, Uh-Oh.” But his dream was bad enough that he was afraid to go back to sleep.

- Poor little guy. What a great summation. I think your little one is quite eloquent.

I say give him as much positive reinforcement after the dreams as possible, and his little psyche will work it out. He knows he is loved.

Missuz J said...

Baby nightmares are, um nightmarish. "Mommy Noah Oh Oh" absolutely breaks my heart.

KATIEmagic said...

"mama, noah, uh oh" so sweet and sad! public pools are great eh?

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