Saturday, August 12, 2006

Leavin' on a jet plane

And we’re off. Our flight leaves for Orlando at 8:50 this evening and arrives just before midnight. We’ll collect our rental car and drive two hours north to Palm Coast where we’ll be staying with my ex-stepsister Barbara, her husband Ryan and their two kids Summer and Sean. My Dad will most likely be staying fifteen minutes away with Barbara’s twin sister Cathy, her husband Bo and their daughters Emily, Mary and Madeline. My sister Elisha still has not brought for her first-born so I’m hoping she goes into labor right about NOW. I’m a bit worried we’ll come and go without seeing the little bugger.

So as you’ve gathered my family is more than a bit confusing – what with the halfs, ex-steps and whatnot. But what’s refreshing about it is that we’re all just considered family. Everyone couldn’t be more welcoming and excited for our visit. It’s always tough to stay with people – you have to work around their routine and be more flexible with your own (and I SUCK at that) – but I know that we’re all going to be bending over backward to be accommodating to each other. And I’m certain we’ll have fun. Elisha’s family is CLOSE – I mean constantly together and tripping over each other close. And while that might bring forth a bit of quarreling now and again, it also always feels like a party. At first I think Noah may be a bit overwhelmed with all the people and hubbub, but in no time I’m sure he’ll be running with the pack.

I’m fairly certain no one has internet access in their home (MY GOD! How? Why?), so I’ll be out of the loop until we return next Sunday night. I look forward to hearing about everyone’s blog adventures once we’ve settled in. Keep us in your thoughts as you will certainly be in ours. Aufwiedersehen.

PS - We love you Mark and miss you already. I hope the solitude you'll no doubt enjoy the first few days doesn't become too overwhelming by the end of the week.

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