Monday, August 07, 2006

I KNOW - it's too long.

Where did last week go? Wednesday morning we visited Tripp, Holly and Finn. Wednesday night we went to the library and for a walk with Roger, Elaine, Ezra and Manzanita. Thursday Tracey came to dinner for Cobb salad and margaritas. Friday was playgroup in the morning and then the rest of the day was jam-packed with excitement.

My birthday was three weeks ago. I was feeling like having a quiet birthday – so I didn’t really remind anyone, and I didn’t blog about it. On the morning of my birthday Mark put a post on the blog telling people to wish me a happy birthday, and as soon as I saw it I removed it. I had a lovely birthday remembered by and celebrated with my family and that was plenty for me this year. It’s not that I was feeling old or even like I’d like to skip the birthday, I just didn’t feel like going into full-on public recognition yahoo mode.

This past Friday Patrice remembered my birthday. I hadn’t been surprised when she forgot because 1) it normally comes up into conversation as a reminder beforehand and it never did and 2) we all know she’s got a lot on her mind. It wasn’t really a big deal. But I guess she felt bad – and as a result she sent out emails strong-arming people to either send me an email or surprise me by showing up to our already planned dinner date for that night. But what she forgot is that I hate surprises – in particular ones that everyone knows about but me and involve making me the center of attention. So when I started getting a million emails, some from people I don’t know I called Mark freaking out. He suggested maybe Patrice put them up to it – and I sent her an email asking her to please make it stop. Not that I didn’t appreciate all the lovely wishes from my blog buddies and those in their circles, it’s just for some reason it made me panic. And when Patrice broke the news that some other people were going to “surprise” me by showing up to dinner that night, I panicked some more. I’m certain it wasn’t the response she was hoping for when she decided to something nice for me and for that I owe her an apology. I just SUCK at surprises.

But of course Friday night ended up being nice. Before dinner I got a shiny new nose ring and used a gift certificate I’ve had since Christmas to buy a new pair of shoes. Then I saw some folks I never get to see, chatted, had a nice meal, and a few drinks. It was an action packed night out on the town – and I need them occasionally.

Saturday Mark dropped off the recycling, I renewed my drivers license, we did some cleaning, had turkey taco salad for dinner and then took the boy to the Hancock Rec playground to run off some steam. As per usual for a Friday/Saturday night (sometimes even a Tuesday) after we put Noah to bed we split a bottle of red wine and watched DVR. We went to bed at midnight and then Noah woke me up at 4 am and I could do nothing to get him back to sleep. I sent Mark back to bed and somehow managed to keep the boy occupied until I put him down for a nap at 9:30 am. Shortly after which Patrice came to our place so that Mark could take her to the airport - she’s now in California for business until Thursday night. After they left I tried to get a quick snooze on the couch but just ended up watching House Hunters until Mark got back and my Mom showed up. Noah woke up from his two hour nap, we fed him lunch at then took him to Liberty Lands Park where we left him with his Grandma so that we could go to the Standard Tap for brunch. As always the food was the best EVER. If you get less than a handful of brunch opportunities a year why would you chance wasting any of them on food at someplace that couldn’t possibly match up? You just can’t. I had an omelet with goat cheese, tomatoes, artichokes and mushrooms served with a cheesy potato casserole and brioche. Obviously accompanied by two very large and spicy Bloody Marys. After we gorged ourselves we collected my Mom and Noah and then headed downtown on the El to Foster’s Urban Homeware so my Mom could use the gift certificate I gave her for Mother’s Day. And then because Mark and I hadn’t yet been complete and total gluttons for the day we went to Franklin Fountain for ice cream sundaes. After Mom left the night was a bit crazy because Noah was EXHAUSTED (as was I) but it was too late to put him down for a nap and not yet late enough for bed. By the time he went to bed he was in full-on meltdown mode, but Mark and I nearly rejoiced to have him in bed by 7:30 pm. An hour later something REALLY weird happened. Noah woke up crying and calling Mama but when I went in and picked him up he started shrieking and squirming out of my hands. For the next fifteen minutes he writhed around on the floor, with his eyes closed, crying as if he was either really frightened or in pain. Mark and I tried to reason with him, tried to find out what was wrong but he didn’t really respond. It was like he was possessed. When he finally snapped out of it he asked to nurse, fell right back to sleep and slept til the morning. Mark and I guess that it was like some sort of weird sleepwalking nightmare sort of reaction – but we don’t really know. I just hope it never happens again. It was seriously frightening.

Today however all is well. It’s going to be a busy week of preparing physically and mentally to leave for Florida this Saturday. Noah, Pa Joe and I are going to be visiting with my still pregnant sister Elisha and her extended family. Elisha’s due date is tomorrow but it seems her son may be waiting until we show up before he makes his stunning debut. We’ll be gone for eight days – without Mark. The thought of being away from Mark for so long makes me sad, but unfortunately he didn’t have the vacation time to make the trip with us. Not only am I a bit nervous because Mark and I are rarely apart, but I’m also worrying about how Noah will feel to be away from his Daddy for so long. I’m planning to have Mark give Noah a little toy to take with him to Florida right before we leave and then use that toy to remind him of Daddy and help him cope with missing him. Any other ideas as to how I can make this separation less hard for all of us?


Katy said...

You may want to do a little research about night terrors, could help to put your mind at ease. Night terrors are common in children who are overtired, which it sounds like Noah was. I babysat a little girl that got night terrors and it freaked me out. Hopefully it won't be a recurring thing for the little man.

NME said...

Hey Katy - it seems you are dead on about the night terrors:

I hope it was a freak occurence.

Allison said...

We have had this happen a few times before, where I couldn't even hold my son, he would scream and throw himself out of my arms and lay on the floor - sounded very similar to what you described. I do think Katy is right that they are night terrors and unfortunately, it's also an age thing. Never dealt w/ them w/ my first child, but always read and heard about them. Hope it doesn't happen anymore!!

juliloquy said...

For helping Noah in Mark's absence, I suggest bringing a photo of Mark. Use it when you talk about "Dada" and at bedtime and other times where Mark's especially involved. Phone calls, I'm sure you've thought of.

We just did a similar trip--5 days in MN without Dada. It was tough pulling him out of his routines at home (not having a crib was the hardest thing). I wish you safe and happy travels!

Missuz J said...

Soph went through a phase when she had those--the night terrors. All I could do was put on Care Bears, let her come out of it on her own, and try not to freak out to bad.

jenoliveroliver said...

Dinner with you? Absolutely required no strong-arming.