Monday, August 21, 2006

Such sweet sorrow

We’re BACK. But not for long. We have this week to ready for a week in Ocean City with more friends and family.

But let’s talk about Florida. I will try to spare you a daily rundown and give you the highlights. When we arrived on Sunday morning we were a bit panicked that my sister Elisha was STILL pregnant and nearly a week overdue. And we were really alarmed when she went in for her doc appointment on Monday and they told her that she still wasn’t dilating and they wouldn’t induce her until the following Monday – the day after we left. It was really looking like we were going to go home without seeing this baby. But on Thursday Elisha, her mother Mary, Noah and I went to her next OB appt. Upon doing the ultrasound they told us that Elisha was very low on amniotic fluid and as a result they told us to go right to the hospital for induction. Fourteen hours later Hunter Lee Crego was born shortly after 3 AM. It was a hard birth – they had to break her membrane and pump fluid into the birth canal so that the baby would no longer be resting on the cord- but Elisha was a trooper and able to go twelve whole hours before requesting the epidural. And the end result was a beautiful bouncing baby boy – at 6 pounds 8 ounces. We were all very excited to meet him. After all the worry about Elisha being late, it ended up being a very good thing. Dad, Noah and I were able to spend some quality time with her before she was overtired and overwhelmed.

The week was a flurry of activity – many meals out, hours spent chatting with the adults and playing with the kids, sightseeing and a boat ride in Saint Augustine, an afternoon at the Daytona dog track, a visit to Flagler Beach, and swimming in backyard pools every day. We really had an action-packed week brimming with fun. And it was SO nice to spend a lot of time with family we rarely get to see. Everyone was all teary eyed when it was time to leave. With adults time between visits is sad but doesn’t seem as tragic, when kids are involved the time between visits seems so much more dramatic. Leaving Summer, Sean, Emily, Mary, Madeline and baby Hunter – I just kept thinking how big they might be next time I see them. How much their world will have changed. And how old Noah will be when they see him next. It makes me weepy just thinking about it.

And now we are home and we are BEAT! Maybe I will have enough energy later to recount some vignettes from our trip – more for my memory than for you. And Noah is already asking for all his cousins, his Aunt Lisey, Aunt Barbara and Aunt Cathy. And WHERE Mama is our POOL! It’s going to be a tough week.


Jen said...

I didn't realize you were going to be so close by, but it sounds like you were real busy. Palm Coast is just up the road from here- well, Daytona is about 45 minutes, so it is a little further than that, I think. Next time you come down we'll have to meet up.

lonna said...

Glad that you're home safe and sound. It sounds like you had a great week, but I bet that you guys were glad to get home. I'm glad that you got to see the newest addition to your crazy family:)

amandak said...

Happy homecoming!

Sounds like a lovely trip, made extra special by the extra special arrival.

I've never heard of this pumping fluid into the birth canal, sounds CRAZY. All's well that end's well though, I guess.

Are there pictures? Of the baby? I'm such a sucker for baby pictures.

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

Wow that is a long labor! I didn't have that long with all three of mine together. I'm glad baby made it in Healthy. Wow you were only a couple of hours from me also.

Glad you had a good trip - hopefully Noah and you will recover before you go jet setting off again :) - How did Noah do on the flight?

Pictures Please :)

Kat said...

Welcome back! Glad you were able to meet the new baby and have an awesome trip!