Thursday, August 10, 2006

Teaching my boy some important girly stuff

Two nights of craptasticly little sleep, two days of sinus migraines, a grandfather in the hospital, an airplane security alert, and a cranky toddler makes for a slightly stressed Mama. This morning bites actually. But enough about that…

Tuesday night Mark, Noah and I went to see the new home of our friends Jen and Mark. They obviously bought it from one of the most fabulous gay men in the city of brotherly love – he had a penchant for giant chandeliers, tapestries and very dramatic d├ęcor. In an effort to make it their own they are on their way to toning down the level of fabulous-ity to superbaliciousness, though I’m happy to report they have decided to keep the leopard print washroom. It’s just too good to paint over. After the tour we walked over to Marra’s for chianti, antipasto and pizza and then back to their mosaic’d backyard for ice cream and cannolis. That’s how they do it in South Philly. It was a lovely evening and Noah has spent the last two days asking about the whereabouts of Jen and Mark. He’ll probably have to wait to see them until their wedding day in mid-September. I hope he's not so excited to see them that he trots up to see them during the ceremony.

Last night we went to the righteously Christian Chikfila for obviously Jesus inspired milkshakes, to the Ikea to buy my soon-to-be nephew (3 days overdue so far) his very own stuffed rat, and then to Super Fresh to buy Mark some easily heat-able food to get him through our long absence. We can’t have him locked in the basement for a week recording music on an empty stomach. Though I’m sure he’ll manage to take himself to get a case of beer after we leave.

And now a few fun bits for your enjoyment:

It’s bad enough I can never go to the bathroom alone. Now when I tell Noah I have to go potty he asks me “Pon?” Yup – he wants to know if I need a tampon. This past month he became obsessed with them and began taking them all out of the box and unwrapping them all. He even sits on his potty fully clothed and says “pee pee this” while holding a tampon between his legs. I think he’s confusing the tampons and the ovulation tests I’ve been using every month for the last year. Oh, and on that – I have my OBGYN checkup tomorrow and will finally request a referral to a fertility specialist. Let the games begin.

When Noah was just a thought Patrice bought me a play porcelain tea set so I could share my love of tea parties with my offspring. I finally took it out of the closet last week and we’ve been having tea several times a day. Sure half of the set is broken as he’s been dropping piece by piece on our tile kitchen floor, but the fun we’ve had with every cup and plate until they meet their end is priceless.

If I’m feeling insane I’ll let Noah go through my purse and take everything out of my wallet. Last week Noah began taking my credit cards and running them through the keys of the computer keyboard while saying “zip.” It’s just how Mama pays for things at the grocery store.

Two more days until our departure and while I have a thorough list, I still have to do some laundry and pack. Good grief.


Allison said...

What is it about tampons that are so intriguing to 1 & 2 year olds?? Mine became very interested in them (and still is) around Noah's age. I have to keep them in a cabinet up high or else they would be all over the house :)

Hope you have a great trip!

Kat said...

I'm thinking pictures to use as blackmail later are definitely in order.