Thursday, April 20, 2006

Too toes for comfort

Should be organizing, packing, planning. Instead I’m sitting here on my big tired butt. In general I’ve been getting much better sleep lately, courtesy of a most likely temporary phase of better sleeping by Noah. But today I’m just utterly wiped out. But the packing and the planning! Can you imagine how much stuff two adults and one toddler need for a weeks washing machine-less vacation? Forget all the clothes – what about the toys, the snacks, the plates, the monitor, the boppy, the stroller etc. I think we’ll need a caravan of Bedouins to help us take our luggage to the check-in counter. We’re gonna need a vacation after getting ready for this vacation. Convenient that it works out that way.

Today we went to Trader Joe’s to buy the boy some snacks for the trip. Though I’ve been told the resort gives us around the clock access to fries and hamburgers, I wanted to bring some dried fruit and crackers for some healthier beachy type snacks. Right next to the Trader Joe’s is a construction site and after shopping Noah and I spent about 20 minutes watching the big machines move dirt and stone around. Thrilling.

Have I yet revealed to you the saga of the sandals? Several weeks ago my Mom bought Noah a pair of sandals and when I tried to put them on his little feet he cried. In the intervening weeks I would occasionally ask him if he wanted to wear his sandals and his response was always a vehement No. When Janette was here last Friday she and I coaxed him into trying them out again, what with all our “WOW! Aren’t they cute? Noah can I see them on you?” And when I got them on his feet he refused to walk. He stood very still pointing at his feet, crying. He even bent down to crawl rather than take one step in those evil toe-baring monstrosities. I thought part of the problem may be that the soles of the sandals were very high and also not very flexible so maybe another pair of sandals would do the trick. On Tuesday I babysat Frannie for a few hours and when Susan came to get her she offered to let Noah try on Frannie’s sandals. Still no go. It was now obvious that Noah just wasn’t enthused about being able to see his toes while he was wearing shoes. I got him a pair of more flexible sandals and he’s been wearing them (GASP!) with socks. He still doesn’t LOVE them but it’s getting better. And hopefully I’ll soon be able to ditch the socks. Meanwhile – I’m certain that the sandal issues are handed down in the genetic material of the Eggerts men. I got Mark a pair of more durable flip flops and last night realized he doesn’t know how to walk in them. It’s quite funny to me, though Mark isn’t too keen on me poking fun at him. (Hi honey!) In general I’ll admit to not liking men in sandals but when you’re going to the beach they are a necessity. Is there some sort of class he can take? Pointers, anyone?


Marksthespot said...

I walk just fine in my old, plastic Old Navy flip-flops (or "up-ops," as Noah calls them).

The new ones are broken.

lonna said...

Dermot didn't want anything to do with his first pair of sandals either. We had to ease him into them by letting him wear them for part of the day and always with socks. Then we lengthened the amount of time he wore them. Then one day he was just ready to have no socks. We just bought him new ones that are too big for now with Cookie Monster, Oscar, and Elmo and he's been dying to wear them. I'm afraid they'll hurt his little feet since they are much too big. I may go back and get him a smaller size.

Good luck with all of the packing. It's always crazy to pack up a little one. We've only gone to Ethan's parents' house so we haven't had the hassle of packing toys and food. Ethan's mom still has lots of toys from her four boys, and we go grocery shopping as soon we get there.

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

Have you tried little swim shoes on Noah instead of Sandals? They are completely enclosed and fairly flexable and very washable to be rid of sand!

Are Mark's sandles the between the toe kind? If so he might prefer just the slip on types! If not maybe he is right and the new ones are broken - LOL that cracked me up!

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

Oh yeah - is there such a thing as an inflatable boppy? If not I think we should invent one - much much easier than carring around the normal ones!

patrice said...

when we went to vegas in january with bella, none of us had enough clothes packed for the entire time and had to wear some shirts 3 times, all because the room was taken up by bella's stuff. I definitely overpacked toys...she was so intrigued by all the stuff in the hotel room that she paid no attention to almost all of her toys. next time, I won't pack as many.

the only way I could get sean to wear sandals was to help him get his feet to look nicer. he was really self conscious of his toes. I do agree with OMH that you should try water socks if noah's toes are the issue - or maybe get him a pedicure.

I am going to miss you so much.