Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Shhh! The walls have ears.

For the last week or so, Noah has been sleeping fairly well. In fact on Friday night he slept straight through the night, with no waking at all. That has happened less than five times in his whole life. When I woke up in the morning I had to peek in and make sure he was still alive. I hadn’t blogged about the good (or should I say slightly more acceptable than crappy) sleep I’d been getting because I didn’t want to jinx it. Last night as we were putting Noah to bed I called Mark’s attention to the fact that things seemed to be getting better. BIG MISTAKE. Last night Noah and I were up from 12:30 am to 4 am. Was it teething? Nightmares? Who knows. But it sucked.

Yesterday I dropped a few dimes at Walmart for more Noah gear. I got him some onesies, pajamas, tees and shorts – the basics for entering the warm weather months which we’ll be getting a preview of in Jamaica (only 17 more days). I also got Noah a travel magnadoodle, some bo-bo “Matchbox” cars, and two new DVDs – “All about… Trains & Planes” and “All about… Old McDonald’s Farm and Horses.” I’d been meaning to buy him some documentary style footage of real life things like trains, trucks and animals for some time and these were $5.50 each. Noah gets TV time twice a day – in the morning as I get dressed and in the afternoon either after his nap or while I start dinner. We watched the Train DVD both times since I got it and he LOVES it. He just stares at the screen mesmerized for a full 30 minutes saying “train… train… trolley… train.” I’m going to start putting his resume in with SEPTA.

The next couple of days should be busy. Tonight the lovely Tracey is going to come by our place for dinner and toddler visitation – and she’ll get double the fun because we’ll be watching Bella for a few hours while Patrice and Sean go to a viewing. Tomorrow morning my Dad will be arriving bright and early so that he can join us on an excursion to the zoo – and then he’ll spend the night so he can head to Atlantic City in the morning. With all this activity planned in the next few days, it would really be a blessing if last night’s wakeful episode were a freak occurrence. Please send us some good sleeping mojo – that is if you have any to spare.


lonna said...

Man, I wish that I had some sleep mojo to spare. I was just wondering how your family's sleeping was going since we hadn't heard much. I had assumed that there was no change. I hope that the other night (up from 12:30 to 4) was just a fluke.

I hate how hard it can be to find DVDs of real things that kids might be able to see. They don't need cartoons all of the time. We got a baby genius DVD of the San Diego zoo that Dermot likes once in a while. Trains and trolleys sounds good too.

patrice said...

can't type, got no sleep last night.


how was zoo? good job magna doodle. david hasselhoff pickpocket frisbee. alkjlagkjazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Heather Evans said...

i'll do my sleep dance for you. it's kind of like a rain dance, but for sleep. it's done in the wee hours when i can't sleep and consists of lots of fitful movement and loud sighing. doesn't work for me, but maybe it'll work for you!

thanks for your response to my ? about blogging, more to come soon!

Katiemagic said...

I hope you're asleep right now!