Friday, April 07, 2006

I bet the pygmy marmosets bake all organic.

Thursday was a perfect zoo day. The weather forecast kept worrying me with alternating reports of chilly and rainy weather, but mother nature was more than kind. My Dad (Grandpa Joe or Pa-Jo for short) arrived bright and early on our doorstep at 7:30 am. Noah and I had had another poor night of sleep, so we were just waking. After showering, dressing and coffee we hopped on the trolley just after 10 am. Noah was SO excited to be ON the trolley. I think he said “trolley” just short of 500 times. At the zoo he pointed and stared at the animals while attempting to speak to them in their own language. He seemed a bit miffed that the bears at the zoo didn’t dance like the bear on the Teletubbies, but other than that he had a sublime time. We all did. After Noah awoke from his nap Pa-Jo chased him around the kitchen table, played ball, crashed cars and watched the train DVD with him. Mark came home from work and we all went to the Standard Tap where we were treated to a lovely dinner. Noah got his bath and then he and Pa-Jo both went to bed – Mark and I watched DVR’d Amazing Race and Survivor before hitting the hay. This morning Noah was sad to see his Pa-Jo go. My Dad had been going in our back “yard” to smoke and this afternoon Noah kept pointing at the back door so that I would open it and we could look for Pa-Jo. They had a really good time together and it was really lovely to watch.

What was not so lovely was the horrible sinus headache I had this morning. Noah spent a good deal of time crawling over me while I laid on the floor with a hot wash cloth pressed to my head. Luckily it rained while we took an afternoon nap, alleviating some of the atmospheric pressure or whatnot and I woke up feeling much better. The sleep helped a bunch too. Things still aren’t perfect or even back to passable in sleep land. Noah slept better last night but was so noisy and restless that I spent half the night half awake, tensed up and mumbling a mantra of “please stay asleep... please stay asleep… ”

We went over to Marita and Michael’s for a play-date with Louis this afternoon. I’m really enjoying spending time getting to know them but there is an unfortunate byproduct. Not only did I once again show up at their house without some sort of offering of baked goods or flowers – they sent us home with a loaf of fresh baked bread. And I’m sure it’s healthy and organic and will probably save the world. God. Sometimes I feel SO inadequate. The baking, the gardening, the fact that they are artists – I’m so impressed and feel so lame. I can’t even find time and energy to bake boxed brownies let alone all natural rolled oat cookies made with brown sugar (white is evil). I suck.


patrice said...

yes, I'm glad you brought that up, because I've been meaning to tell you that I've been quite offended that you have come to my house without bringing baked goods. I'm not sure where YOU grew up, but bringing a baked good is practically law. what would be ideal is for you to take pollutant-free mass transportation (aka "wagon") to the country and hand-harvest your own wheat. that way you're not supporting the slave wheat-harvesting labor (those tractors and combines get NO BREAKS!). then, of course, you grind the appropriate amount with your mortar and pestle until you have enough for whatever recipe (that you've committed to memory - thus saving trees - even better than using recycled) and then just go ahead out to your yard and milk your goat and churn that into butter...then you're practically good to go! (I use a co-op for raisins that were harvested and dried using no labor other than positive vibes.) in just a few days, you have a tiny loaf of wheat raisin bread (suitable for use as a doorstop) to bring to your host's house.

well, at any rate, next time you'll know.

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lonna said...

How do people find the time to make stuff? I get to make homemade stuff like once a month, if I'm lucky. And believe me, it's all for us and nobody else!

We were inspired to go to the zoo this weekend too. The Des Moines zoo is obviously nothing compared to the Philly zoo, but it was still fun.

Missuz J said...

I totally hear you on the indadequate thing. Fuck--I can't even spell it. In fact, I have a very nice, very kind, very sweet friend (well acquantance+) who I sometimes AVOID because she has a beautiful house and yard and has homemade cookie dough (organic) in her freezer and makes quiche for dinner and shit like that. I have bigger boobs though.