Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Meal times are becoming a bit insane at our house. Though Noah in essence will eat most things, that doesn’t mean he will eat any one thing consistently. One day can’t get enough broccoli, next day won’t touch it with a ten foot pole. In love with cantaloupe today, tomorrow throws it on the floor. So deciding what to feed the little beast is becoming more and more difficult. But no worries because Noah has decided he’s going to give me some instruction. This morning I asked “Are you hungry? Want to eat?” as I carried him down to the kitchen. “Num nums” (M&Ms) was my reply. I explained we were not having num nums for breakfast. He started pulling on his shirt like he was trying to rip his heart out – which for some odd reason is his sign for hummus. Don’t ask me why. I told him no hummus. When I opened the fridge to get juice Noah pointed at the whole wheat veggie ravioli. Um, no ravioli for breakfast. How about this cocktail sauce then? Ugh.

I also think it might be time to move him from his high chair to a booster seat. He’s started asking to get up from a meal before he’s actually done eating and maybe a change of seat will help. Maybe.

We’ve also developed an after dinner routine. “Chase! Chase!” Noah says while running in place to illustrate his point. Around and around the kitchen table we must go. When we’ll stop, only Noah knows.


lonna said...

Boy do I wish I had some advice about the food situation. We're in the same boat. Every time we ask Dermot what he wants to eat he says "bick beans" (baked beans), but if we get out the baked beans he's offended. So we have no idea what he really means. I think that he wants to live on dip (hummus), pickles, olives, and vegan sour cream. Doesn't that sound healthy. Oh and with a healthy dose of oreo middles. We've been hitting the "no vegetable" zone that most parents seem to hit with their toddlers.

I don't remember when we moved Dermot to a booster seat, but it's been a lot easier on us. It's easier to clean and he can reach more things. It took him a couple of days to transition to it, but once we convinced him that he had a special chair that wasn't like mommy or daddy's chair that seemed to help.

We've been lucky with the running thing. Dermot likes to run around one of us while we're sitting. It's been much better on my asthma than chasing him.

jennster said...

omg- blake won't eat ANYTHING.. he is the pickiest eater ever! dinner time is awful in our house

patrice said...

when trent was this age, I basically let him eat whatever he wanted for whichever meal, as long as it was somewhat healthy. so if he wanted cereal for dinner (after refusing what I already gave him - I do believe that dinner shouldn't be a pick and choose) he got it. and spaghetti for breakfast if that's what it took.

we moved bella to a booster seat a few weeks ago after trent's party. we had moved alot of her things to the basement to make room for everything and having no high chair in the kitchen was so nice, I decided it was time. she sits at the table now with us, and she really enjoys it. we don't use the tray - we push the whole thing up to the table. she gets her own plate and flatware and she thinks it's pretty neat.

I think I want numnums for breakfast today.

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

Okay I'm confused what is wrong with num nums for breakfast. Let's think about this.

Chocolate - comes from beans and beans are a veggie!
Milk Chocolate - must have milk in it which is a diary produce.
Crunchy outside - surely crunch relates to fiber.

So it's everybit as good as cereal right!

Toddler seats are wonderful if you can keep them in it - I found one that you inflate the bottom to as high as you need and it straps to the chair and has a belt that secures like a stroller, so now I'm happy when the boys are at the house!

Picky eaters are hard - I raised mine with the whatever you will eat is okay as long as it's somewhat healthy until their 3rd birthday then it was you will eat what we are having for dinner or a peanut butter sandwich that's your only choices. I don't think any of my kids will eat PBJ now.