Sunday, December 12, 2010

We always get our tree late in December because trees don't last long when you can't remember to water them. But the kids have been itching to decorate so yesterday I pulled up the Christmas decorations from the basement. We have a little fake tree for their room which they love and were anxious to decorate but sadly I don't have that many decorations for the home. I'm not a holiday decorator by nature. However I try to pick up a few things every year - a singing tree, a Santa cookie jar, some snowmen statuettes. But the big hit at our house is the nutcrackers. We have a few different sizes and designs from each Christmas. Problem is they don't really decorate anything as they instantly become a beloved play thing. Sparked by their imaginations, the singing tree and seeing The Nutcracker ballet every year - the boys are far too busy staging dramatic productions to let them sit on a shelf and look festive.

After today's ornate mouse king battle scene I remembered that I had loaded a video on youtube of Noah and the nutcrackers a few years back. And there was Noah, approximately the age Ray is now, and Ray, almost the age Lee is now. And I was teary eyed. I can hardly remember tiny little Noah and his squeaky voice. But there he is asking me to babysit his nutcrackers for him while he goes out to buy them more nuts. God. Time is going so fast. And I should take more video.

Here is my sweet 3 year old Noah.


MC said...

I am also not much of a holiday decorator. First of all, no one really comes up to our house on the mountain to visit us, so it just slips my mind. Second of all, I prefer to focus on the spending-time-together and finding-the-perfect-gift aspect of Christmas, and I don't think of the other stuff. We do have a tree up and decorated because my husband likes to go out in the woods and cut one down, but I could take it or leave it. It does look pretty this year though!

Kathryn said...

We've had 3 mouse king/nutcracker battles today at our house. I'm looking forward to when Iris can stand in for me as the Nutcracker.