Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I may be a mirage.

Here's news: Three kids is busy. Real busy. Getting a moment to myself is difficult. Having the energy for a complete coherent thought in that moment is rare. So time flies by. Lee is 9 months old, cruising and creeping. I blinked and his babyhood was gone. And I didn't blog any of it. Sigh.

I've decided to blog December. Every day. We shall see.

The biggest issue these days is the quarreling between Noah and Ray. It drains me. Most days. I was raised alone by my mother so the constant sibling quarreling is mind boggling to me. Can't we all just get along? The bulk of the fighting occurs when Ray tires of doing exactly what Noah tells him to do and then all hell breaks loose. It's not physical - my boys aren't really that type. It's alot of nasty talk, whining and crying for me to intervene. It makes me want to turn the hose on them. But that would be wrong. Right?

And Lee still seems pretty easy though as he starts to get around more that will change. The older boys will have new things to whine about when Lee gets into everything. Fun times. Babyhood - how I adore it. And it's gone. Again. Where did my babies go? Who told them they could grow? Sheesh.

The holidays have snuck up on me. As do most things, honestly. I started shopping. Mostly for the kids though they don't need a thing. And still I am overdoing it. Books is my weak spot. I could buy them a million books.

Noah asked Santa for a Djembe - an African drum. He has started taking a world percussion lesson in the last month and loves it. I decided it would be perfect for his first music lesson because it has a quick payoff and it teaches the backbone of music. And as he is with all his loves he is very intense about it, I love to see that. Ray asked Santa for Moon Dough. Play Doh is still among his most favorite things to do and has been for about two years. And the idea that Moon Dough doesn't dry out seems like a dream come true. He too wants to take drumming but Noah's teacher starts at age 6. There was talk about someone else teaching a younger kids class at some point and Ray talks about that as if he starts next week. But for now he's loving his tumbling class - it incorporates gymnastics, yoga and just plain old active fun. He's really a much more physical being - a good jumper, a natural at balance, a better catch and throw. He'd be the sportsman, if I allowed such things. I best get that kid an instrument lesson QUICK before he gets his own ideas.


lonna said...

One kid is busy. The idea of three is mind boggling. I find it interesting that you talk about how Noah gets so intensely into his passions. I have Dermot signed up for gifted classes at the local university on weekends and they have a parent group. One of the talks was about the intensity that is common among gifted kids. I didn't go to the talk because Dermot is a little freaked out about me being in another building during his class, but I see that in him very much too. I had no idea it was typical among gifted kids.

P.S. bratsi is my word verification.

Anonymous said...

Yay! It will be tough posting every day, but we love reading it!

The sibling spats are a drag. It's tough for me to know when to intervene. I usually try to let them work it out by themselves, but one of my kids /ahem/ is still a lot bigger and stronger than the other. And bossy. The hose, it is tempting.

NME said...

That gifted program sounds great Lonna. I love signing Noah up for enrichment classes because I know he gets so much out of them.
Julie - Ray could easily take Noah out of he wanted to but more than anything he wants his acceptance. It's boggling to see how much the younger one adores the older one no matter how much they are rebuffed.