Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is special to me because I am so happy, so proud to be a mother. I value it more than anything I’ve ever done or been in my life. It’s felt like the most natural fit – the thing I’ve felt best at. That’s not saying I don’t have my moments of “CRAP – what am I doing?” – but they are so fleeting, so few and far between when compared to all the moments of joy.

I’ve always considered people who are very religious, who have such a clearly defined religious tenant and path to follow to be lucky in a way. They always have something to consider that is bigger than themselves, something to sacrifice for, to strive for, to humble them. And in so many ways motherhood has become my religion. I am happy to consider my family first in all things. Noah, the baby, and Mark – they are my reason for giving, for striving, for being. That may seem extreme or odd to some – but for me it’s joyous and freeing.

And it should go without saying that motherhood is not about ovulation, gestation, birthing – to me it’s about that sacrifice. The absolute interest in putting the interest of a child before your own. So to those who are mothers and those who will be, by any means - Happy Mothers Day!

More on Lancaster and the late onset of the terrible twos later!


patrice said...

it's been such a joy to see you become a mother. I love the way you feel raising children, the amount of care and attention you give it. it's like watching someone enjoying their favorite activity, you know?

happy belated mother's day...

Anna said...

Happy Mother's Day! I'm so glad to hear the joy you find in being a mother. I'm soooooo happy that I've finally gotten to be a mother - I feel so lucky no only to have the opportunity, but to have such a lovely son.

You look great in your belly shot, BTW. Have a great week!