Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Feeling much more stable these days. I’m achey but can walk without horrible discomfort – so things are good. Thanks for all those concerned.

It’s been a busy week thus far. On Monday the boy and I made our first trek of the season to Franklin Square. I granted Noah one ride on the carousel and wasn’t too surprised when he asked to sit – not on a horse, the dragon, or even the lion but – on the seat. As Noah explained “I don’t like the up and down.” Fine – the seat it is. No pressure. But the guy running the carousel was all “Don’t you want to ride on a horse? The lion doesn’t go up and down? Are you SURE???” Noah was indeed sure and very much enjoyed the ride on the seat. But as we got off the carousel operator was all “You SURE you don’t want to go on a horse? I’ll let you ride again for free if he changed his mind.” It was a nice gesture – but I was really trying to let Noah know it was OKAY to ride the seat if he wanted to ride the seat. Oh well.

Afterwards he was running around on the playground and pleading with me to chase him. I tried to explain for the millionth time that I just didn’t have the energy to run right now. To which Noah plaintively replied “I’m SO TIRED of running by myself.” I felt so sad for him. I’m just feeling so guilty for not being able to keep up with him the way I usually do. In my defense I had called around to a couple of his playmates in the morning to see if anyone was available to join us – but unfortunately noone was free. So he was stuck with his giant lumbering Mama who isn’t currently on the world’s best playmate list. At least he had someone to play with that evening when Wendy and Victor came over for dinner.

Tuesday was jam packed. We went to the YMCA with some pals. GOD does it feel good to be in the water. I’m buoyant and painfree. Then we met Janette and Jules at Freddy Hills in Lansdale. It was always one of my favorite places to go with my Dad and sisters so it was really nice to be back. The boys ran rampant on the mini golf course, checked out the animals, watched them milk the cows, and sucked down some ice cream. I asked the counter kids where the closest playground was and was sent to Park Sci Playground in Upper Gwynedd. As I approached the monstrous, maze-like wooden construction I said aloud “HOLY CRAP!” which of course was repeated by Noah later for comic effect. And Noah said “Mama, it looks like a CHURCH!” This place is CRAZY cool. If you live anywhere in the outlying vicinity and haven’t yet taken your kids – GO NOW. The only negative is that because it’s so huge and labyrinth-like I had to stay hot on Noah’s heels while he ran around in crazed glee. It was exhausting. Afterwards Noah and I met our friend Tracey at the Lansdale train station and headed over to hang with Patrice and Ms. Bella. It had been far too long since we’d visited. We scarfed down some hoagies and then took a walk to get ice cream – what more can a pregnant lady ask for, aside from to be pushed in the stroller.

And today, well we recuperated. Noah is a bit sleep deprived and all this activity had him plum tuckered. Though I can't get him to nap no-way no-how – he still is short on sleep and as a result has been having some atypical moody spells. Today I think we had ten senseless crying jags. I hope soon he either starts napping or at least gets accustomed to getting a little less rest. And me- well have I mentioned I’m giant and pregnant and tired?

Very much looking forward to the holiday weekend and some picnicking. Not looking forward to our impending car search. Have I mentioned we have to get a new car because my husband is so tall that he can’t drive our small Saturn wagon while having an infant car seat installed behind him? At least not without his knees up by his ears. It's a shame really - our little Saturn has served us well and it has so few miles on it. But it just won't accomodate a tall family of four so we must bid it farewell.


Missuz J said...

Oh honey--I'm tired just reading that post. REST!

Jen said...

Glad you are doing better. Noah will be fine without having a playmate all the time- I guess he is going to be really happy to have a sibling.