Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Short and unsweetened

On Saturday we drove out to Reading for Baby Jules’ first birthday party. There were cookies, balloons and babies aplenty. In fact I think the very young may have outnumbered the old. Noah enjoyed playing with Jules’ toys – he has his very own ball pit and a riding train that blows bubbles – and watching the other kids play. He’s quite the voyeur. And the weather rebounded for a few hours so that Mark, Noah and I could take a walk.

On Sunday we did some light cleaning and went to the grocery store. On the way back from the store I bought a plastic ride-in Little Tikes car off the street for $5. It’s in crappy shape – but for five bucks you can’t be picky. On Monday morning we started a diet – blek. I hate the way you need to obsess about food when you are dieting. It’s so freaking counterintuitive. And I’m using artificial sweetener which I’m convinced is poison. No more diet talk. Last night Mark went to his first meeting as an official board member of the Kensington South Neighborhood Action Committee. It was kind of sucky to have him home for only 45 minutes before he left again, but I’m proud of him for getting involved and making our neighborhood better for Noah.

This morning we went to Marita’s house for the boys to hang. Noah was being super clingy for some odd reason and only warmed up as it was time to go. This afternoon we have to return our library books that are due 6-6-6! Devil books.

What’s that you hear in the background? Why it’s Dan Zane, Gnarls Barkley and Arctic Monkeys. I’m dying to get The Raconteurs and mildly interested in The Subways. What new stuff are you folks listening to?


patrice said...

what new stuff am I listening to? the voices in my head. that's about it.

I didn't know mark was on a board of anything! that is fantastic!!!

Missuz J said...

Dan Zane does a very bitchin' Polly Wolly Doodle.