Friday, June 09, 2006

I did it!

Blogger is sucking. I’ve been having troubles posting, putting up photos and commenting the last two days. I wrote the following post yesterday. Get it together people or I’ll have to stop paying for your free service.

Last night I participated in my first yoga class in over two years. And I am happy to say that not only did I survive but I did a decent job keeping up. This obviously means the class wasn’t overly challenging but also that I’m not as weak as I had anticipated being. So, good stuff. The instructor was a sub though, so I have no idea what sort of hoops the regular instructor will be putting me through. The grapevine has it that she’s tough.

My only problem with last night’s class was the music. She played Madonna, Gorillaz, Air, and Beck. I HATE that. I want to hear ethereal chanting, singing bowls and some sitar for christsakes. Something other worldly. It’s not a freakin’ aerobics class where you feel the burn to the bumpin’ hits of today. Sheesh. Am I the only one who feels this way? Mandy, what do you think?

We have a busy weekend ahead of us. My Mom is coming tomorrow evening to watch the boy while Mark and I go to a wedding. This means not only do I have to shave my legs and paint my nails – I must also make our house look like there is some semblance of order. Ha. As if she doesn’t know already.

On Saturday, weather permitting, Mark, Noah and I are driving two hours to Hershey Park. My Dad gave us his tickets for his work’s company picnic – so it’s free rides and free food once we make the lengthy death drive with our active car-hating toddler. Obviously Mark and I aren’t going to take turns going solo on the Super Dooper Looper, but it will be fun to see what rides the boy will go on. I'm betting that the train and the monorail will be big hits. It'll be our first amusement park experience so wish us well. And South Beach dieting in the “sweetest place on earth”… screw that. We’ll return to the land of the sugar free later.

And Sunday we have the windows on our house capped! YEAH. It doesn’t get more exciting than that. Especially after the action packed day of roofing we had today. Yup – we finally got ourselves a brand spankin’ new rubba’ roof.

Five bits of Noah news
- His first sentence is “I did it!” It’s said happily and triumphantly and is typically accompanied by jumping up and down, pumping fists, and his mother falling to the ground from the inability to carry the sheer overwhelming weight of her pride.
- Noah is in love with the wooden train I got him at Ikea. He’s all about the “choo choo chain.” He's even said "choo choo" in his sleep. At the library this week we got more books on trucks and trains and he’s in heaven. An overly motorized heaven.
- When I ask Noah what he wants to eat he says “Breakfast.” Even if it’s dinner time. He’s excellent at thinking out of the box.
- He’s begun copycatting the very stern “No” I use when he’s behaving as well as the sign language “No” that accompanies it. In fact I’m not sure what the cat was doing wrong Noah gave him a firm talking to.
- It took an entire week and a half for his appetite to come back after his stomach flu. All of the sudden it was like someone hit the switch and he was once again an unstoppable eating machine. But he’s definitely getting fussier. There’s a lot of bargaining going on at dinner to make sure he eats “one more piece of fish and then you can have pudding.” Luckily he enjoys a lot of healthy snacks like fruit leather (no sugar added fruit roll ups) and dried cherries. But today after lunch I gave him a dark chocolate chip and almond cookie and he spent a good ten minutes breaking the cookie apart so that he could eat the chocolately goodness all on it’s own. Smart man. And yes- my pathetic South Beach eating self nearly drowned in a pool of drool.


patrice said...

noah - man, that kid is so sweet. I did it! he's adorable. I need to see more of him in person. when can I babysit??

yoga to fast music is dumb. and ridiculous. I'm so glad you liked your class though. I have to tell you about mine. I'll blog about it. think polar opposite.

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

Hmmmm - Yoga - might have to try it (but I agree should be calming music!)

I did it! is an awesome first sentence - along with fist pumping and jumping. You should have been so proud you could hardly stand up!

He's too cute! Enjoy the amusement park!

amandak said...

Ah, the age old music in yoga class dilema. That does seem like an odd selection to me. I occasionally use music that is a little non-yoga-ish when I practice on my own just to switch things up a little, but I wouldn't do that in a class for sure. My current favorite teacher doesn't use any music at all, which I'm finding I quite like.

You're right though, Madonna is weird for yoga class. I'm curious what the other teacher plays.

Yay for being stronger than you'd thought, I had a feeling you'd be a tough chicky.

Jen O. said...

"Obviously Mark and I aren’t going to take turns going solo on the Super Dooper Looper."

Why not??

By the way, I saw the photos Tracey took from the wedding this past weekend, particularly the one of you and her. Officially and unequivocally, you are not allowed any body-image self-loathing shit anymore. You look fantastic. Buck up and accept it.