Monday, January 07, 2008

You've got that look.

Ray is getting SO big, so fast. And by that I don't just mean size wise. In a week he will be six months old - he's almost twenty pounds, has two teeth, sits up and is definitely going to be on the move soon. I just can't believe how fast it is going. He's a funny little charmer. And the ease of him and his generally sunny demeanor definitely suggest that his name suits him.
Today was an unusually warm day for January so we hit the playground outside of Noah's school. Today Ray rode his first playground swing!
Oh and in the last picture - CHECK THOSE THIGHS! I couldn't resist sharing them.


lonna said...

What a big boy! When I showed Dermot the last picture, Dermot insisted that Ray's legs were not big or fat. But I think he was jealous. He does not like me looking at pictures of kids who have the nerve not to be Dermot.

It seems to me like Ray just wants to do all the cool stuff that big brother Noah can do.

trikc said...

Hey, not till I enlarged these photos did I notice just how bad ass this boys clothes were! Where did you get those shoes Ray has on? And that sweatshirt?

patrice said...

dinner is served.