Monday, January 07, 2008

Bless America

Santa finally sent Noah a keyboard to replace the one the reindeers busted. And this one is an upgrade. It's even got a headset mic. And now Noah... the singing sensation. And Ray on backup vocals.


Anonymous said...

I am seriously blown away!! I just saw him a month ago and he's already 10 x more brilliant!! I love you Noah!!!

lonna said...

Wow. He knows more words to that song than I do. What a patriot. I guess that's what living in Philly does to a person.

I love his whole performance and his outfit.

OMH said...

WOW that was fantastic! WTG the way please teach him to write his name and give us all a copy so we can say......We knew him when...becausw with a performance like that he will be FAMOUS some day.

juliloquy said...

He seems so BOY here, no trace of toddler. Yay Noah.

I love the hand jive.