Monday, January 28, 2008

And whatnot

Where does the time go… blah, blah, blah. I’m harried, frazzled, tired, grumpy but yet happy. I know – it makes no sense. I’m behind in everything to everyone – except of course the boys. We’re still getting out to see things and people, keeping busy and whatnot while trying to maintain some semblance of order. So far so good, I think. At least with a passing grade from those who don’t grade too harshly.

Ray has is 6 month check-up tomorrow. I am sure we will discuss his early teething, early attempts at locomotion and gargantuan size and strength. Also that he doesn’t love the baby food, merely tolerates the fruits and sweet potatoes. And is still nursing every three hours like clockwork, even during the night. But aside from waking to nurse and then dozing right back off again, he is still a decent sleeper getting a little less than twelve hours a night typically and has one long (1.5 to 2 hour) and one short nap a day. Things you might not know about Ray – he is a drool fountain. It’s not just teething. This boy has dripped drool every second of every day since his birth. He’s always wet. Though he is generally good natured, he has quite a temper. If he merely SEES a piece of paper in your hand that he wants to put in his mouth and you do not give it to him – all hell breaks lose. Red faced, shaking, shrieking anger. “RAHHH! I smote you mortal.” Two sure fire ways to make him happy and chill him out – Noah or kitty! A passing notice of either will set the world right. And once again Ray of sunshine.

Noah is still my shy, smart boy who becomes ridiculously extroverted when he’s performing. And the imagination of this kid is outrageous. He’s making up scenarios, stories, and people every second. I know I was never this imaginative – he definitely got the fantasy gene from Dad. He’s still having nightmares – some about monsters and some just about getting his toys taken away from him when he misbehaves. He’s still a really well behaved boy but his three year old emotions cause ridiculous meltdowns when “No” or “Wait” are mentioned. Thankfully this only ever happens at home when he’s got no witnesses. He’s very good with his brother, for the most part. Unfortunately he’ll often snatch a toy out of his hands despite our protests – won’t he be surprised when Ray can kick his ass. Noah’s loving school – the four hours a week he goes really is perfect for him at the moment. I’m already thinking about what the next two years will look like for his schooling and where we should send him for kindergarten in Fall 2010. Since the Philadelphia school district has issues we have to do a lot of research into the many options for education. To me it’s a good thing – we can’t just take for granted that the local school will work. Instead we really have to think about what will be best for us and for Noah. And careful consideration is never a bad thing. Time consuming, yes. But not bad.

And the big people? We’re well. Budgeting is still the big new thing. This year we decided to compartmentalize Mark’s income so that each month we set aside a certain amount for groceries, home improvements, vacation, entertainment, the boys, etc. It makes me edgy to think that much about money – but I realize it will really work well for us. This way we don’t just overspend in some areas to the detriment of others. So now we’re entering everything into designated columns in an Excel spreadsheet. Fun, right?

What should I be doing right now? Slogging through stuff in the basement. Tomorrow we are getting some of Mark’s late Grandmother’s furniture. This means that some of our old stuff has to be moved and some stuff has to be stored in the basement. Are we ready? Now we ain’t. Our basement is a pit of crap. Things that have no home go there never to be seen again. But somehow we’ll manage to make some more room. With what energy and time? I have no earthly idea.


MC said...

Oh, the edginess about thinking so much about money. I know that feeling well. And if I overspend in one category? A little bit of disgust with myself. It's a fun time!

Good luck with the school search! I am sure that there are some great options that are NOT the Phila public school system. I am sure you will find the one that is perfect for Noah!

Anonymous said...

Ray: feed me *snarl* *drool* FEED ME *drool* MUST EAT MUST GROW

Gee, you sound like parents of two young kids. I always wonder how parents keep their acts together. I've decided that any parents with a clean house and balanced budget have a money-laundering operation and a population of gnomes who tidy up at night.