Friday, January 12, 2007

Of sisters, saturns and shopping

So Ms. Jess’s visit was a success – at least for Noah. He mostly followed her around saying how much he loved her and asking her to do everything with him. However we were all a bit under the weather and our energy level wasn’t one that allowed us to be quite as adventurous as we are when she normally visits. On Saturday we did make it out to catch a glimpse of those crazy Mummers before hoofing it to a late lunch at More Than Just Ice Cream, but on Sunday we did a lot of nothing. We merely took a walk to the park and then stopped at a coffee shop. Honestly I have no idea if Jess had fun while she was here. I mean she didn’t seem unhappy, but she didn’t seem particularly happy either. Is that her or 11 years old? She just isn’t very expressive. Isn’t 11 a bit young for the whole “whatever” attitude? Don’t get me wrong, she isn’t rude or uncooperative – she’s a sweet and good kid - just sort of not particularly bowled over by things. It's hard for me in a way because I want to see her happy, to do special things with her that she really enjoys - but she doesn't seem to be very effusive at the moment.

On Monday Noah and I had the privilege of spending four hours at the Saturn dealership having the car inspected. On the plus side they have a kids room with a TV, VCR and a bunch of toys – on the negative side it’s a very tiny room and the toys are all sad leftover like a basketball hoop with no balls. I put on 101 Dalmations and after 10 straight minutes of “Who’s that?” “What doggie doing?” “Who is talking?” I was glad he lost interest in the movie. For some reason the boy is not taken with animation. People, puppets, music, live action are all awesome – but cartoons are a yawn. Amazingly we kept busy with all sorts of pretend play instead. Four hours of it. Oh and snack. Lots of snacks. He dealt fine with being sealed in that box for 4 hours, much better than I did. Especially when the bill came.

On Tuesday I took Noah to the Please Touch Museum. We hadn’t been in some time despite having a membership, so it was all brand new and very exciting for the boy. He had a fantastic time grocery shopping, checking us out, and driving the bus, truck and trolley. We also went to two story times – both of which he really enjoyed. He really is an ideal audience member. He quietly hangs on every word – and then when he gets home he reenacts things. So cute. Mark reported to jury duty on Tuesday and was assigned to a case that started on Thursday – and has no end in sight. However I’m happy to report he’s getting home early each day and that makes us all pleased as punch. That night our Ms. Tracey took the bus into town for dinner and our lame company. It was so fantastic to have her visit – I have a special reason to make a nicer meal and Noah has a wacky playmate for a few hours. I was worried when she moved out of town we wouldn’t see her for quite some time, but my fears were unfounded.

Wednesday saw another trip to Ikea. I know - we go all the time. But the boy loves it and it’s such an easy activity to do on a less than ideal outside day. He spent the bulk of the time going from model kitchen to model bathrooms, sitting at the tables, pretending to eat and bathe. I’m sure someone on their security cameras has us red-flagged and the only thing that gets us from not being called into the office is that we always spend a couple bucks there before we leave.

On Thursday morning we finally went back to playgroup, for the first time in over a month. Noah was ecstatic to go and actually so was I. I really missed having core activities planned for half of my mornings. It was nice to get up and say “It’s playgroup day” and just hustle out the door to see our friends and sing songs. And to make the day even more exciting Janette and Jules came to visit in the afternoon.

Today we went to our neighbor’s informal playgroup for awhile but left earlier than usual to have Holly and Susan and the kids over for lunch. Again – we hadn’t seen any of them since before the holidays so it was really great to have some normalcy and have Noah get reacquainted with his little friends.

This weekend is chockablock as normal. Tomorrow we’re off to Old Bridge to celebrate Mark’s Grandmother’s 97th birthday and on Sunday we have a long overdue date with Ms. Patrice.

But of course this was just another weekly page from our calendar and shamefully I don’t have the time or frame of mind for much more. But a meatier post is coming, if anyone but me cares. Oh and how can I forget the most exciting news of the week – yesterday we booked a flight for my sister Elisha and her 5 month old son Hunter to come and visit us in about two and a half weeks. I can’t adequately express how much I’m looking forward to spending that time with them. Maybe because my sisters are each a decade and two decades younger than I, or maybe because I’m the overly maternal sort, I have a bond with them both that to me is also akin to being a parent as well as a sister. And maybe because we all have different moms and over the years I’ve had to make constant strides to be stay a part of their lives – my relationships with them are very important part of who I am. It’s so hard to have my Elisha living so far from me even though it’s been that way most of her life – and seeing her again well it’s about one of the best things that can happen. So yeah – things are good.


Jen said...

That is really cool the relationship you have with your sisters. It is to be envied!

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

I second Jen - as for "teen" attitude it seems to develope along with body changes which can start as early as 8 or 9. I'm sure she's having fun - does she play with Noah?

Sounds like a full social schedule - I'm ashames when I read this that I don't put forth more effort to spend times with my friends. Hummmm maybe I should quit feeling ashamed and do something about it!