Monday, November 24, 2008

Teddy Bear A Go Go

The boys delight in a pile of $120 teddy bears at FAO Schwartz.


lonna said...

I hate to say this, but we were very underwhelmed by FAO Schwarz. We much prefer the Toys R Us in Times Square. The thought of paying a lot of money for fancy stuffed animals was just odd for me. We did get a grasshopper there, but it was a normal price. So much of their stuff is sky high. The boys got to enjoy the free access, though:)

NME said...

I like FAO. We weren't going with the purpose of buying anything. Just wanted to see the crazy over the topness of it. Saw a show on the big piano and the kids got to dance on it. Plus it's neat that they have all the toy demonstrations. Noah tried on carpet skates. And he liked to look at the Playmobil stuff. We allowed him one small thing as a souvenir of our day and he picked out a book on pirates and a pirate puppet for Ray.

juliloquy said...

"Don't squish him" - with a different pronoun, that's the constant refrain at our house, too!