Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Have I mentioned Noah is maze obsessed? He can sit and do them for an hour, which really helped on our flights to and from Florida. And I think he is a gifted maze genius. Not just because he can complete fairly difficult ones pretty quickly and effortlessly, but because he's looking ahead and planning the path in his head before he writes. Of course a mother would never over estimate her child's talent and intelligence.
And HOLY COW - Obama is our next president. I had hoped and dreamed but didn't think it truly possible. So relieved. So excited. So proud. He has got his work cut out for him though. It's going to be far from easy to get us out of the muck of the last 8 and there are people all too ready to point fingers if things don't change the day after he takes office.


patrice said...

I love mazes!!!!!!!!!!!!! me and noah have to sit down and do some. if I see one on a cereal box or something, I am compelled to do it. though I usually do them in my mind. I just follow the path with my eyes. sometimes I start at the end and meet it in the middle from the beginning. there aren't enough mazes in the world. have you taken him to a corn maze??? or let him watch the shining??

Kodi said...

Watch the Shining. That is freakin hilarious.
The Utahans are all upset over having Obama as president elect. They are buying up all the guns because they think he'll outlaw them when he in the office. Like he could even if he wanted to. What a bunch of morons.