Thursday, October 16, 2008

When it pours, it deluges

Last night Noah broke out in a head to toe rash. It's most likely an end stage of the virus he had last week, and not contagious. But we have a doc appt. this morning just to be certain. Poor guy is pretty damn spotty and a bit itchy.


lonna said...

That poor kid just can't catch a break. I hope the doctor can figure out what it is and find a way to make Noah comfortable.

amandak said...

It could also be a reaction to a medication if he tried anything new to fight the evil illness. That has happened to me.

juliloquy said...

Oh my - I've been away from teh internets for a bit, so I missed the Noah plague posts. I'm so glad he's mostly better, poor boo. And I hope the rest of you are well!