Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Obviously a one year old does not understand the goings-on of a birthday party, nor that a party is for them. However I think the first birthday party is the most fun. Not for the baby mind you, but for the family and friends. It’s a party to celebrate a momentous year and to reintroduce everyone to the baby as a child. Sort of like “Hey guys, check this little dude out!” So we held a big party not for Ray, but about him. We invited our families and all our friends with families and in the end we hosted 28 adults and 18 kids. It was a bit chaotic and messy, but a lot of fun. And of course Noah had the best time – helping to decorate, plan the party and then running around with his friends. This video shows Ray getting a little help from Noah and his pals for a big birthday wish. A major thank you to everyone who came and helped us to commemorate his first year. Love you.


Molly said...

awww, that's so cute! one of the kids i babysit just turned 1 and her mom made her a ladybug cake. she smeared the icing all over her face :P Happy b-day!

Missuz J said...

Happy belated to the golden Ray of sunshine.

p.s. You look great in this video!

Wendy Hitch said...

Looks like it was a fabulous party. So sad we weren't there to celebRAYte.