Tuesday, July 15, 2008


My baby just turned one. He's officially no longer an infant and now a toddler. I can honestly tell you that a year has never gone so fast. And this boy with his exhuberance, charm, and independence blows me away everyday. In this jet-fueled year he teethed early, crawled early, walked early, ran early, forsake baby food for table food and banished the spoon handled by anyone other than himself. Though he doesn't like it one bit when I walk away from him, he's more than happy to toddle off into the sunset with barely a look backward. And though his stubbornness and anger are already becoming legendary, his otherwise sunshiney dispostion justify his name. He is a Ray of it.
GOD. I love him.


lonna said...

Here's to Ray! Happy #1 big guy. Ethan and I both love the naked picture. Those thighs. I also love that his hair has stayed reddish. He's so freaking cute. He's also starting to look more like Noah in the second picture. I hope that your family had fun celebrating.

patrice said...

awww, I love him too. he's a little sweetheart. with edible legs.

Missuz J said...

A year already???

Happy birthday little guy!

juliloquy said...

You know, you guys should think about having another one now that Ray is no longer a baby. Your guys are so amazing - you clearly know what you're doing.

Also Yay Ray!

Jen said...

Woo Hoo for Ray! I can't believe how grown up Noah looks now!