Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I’ve had buyers remorse for quite some time. Last year at this time we traded in our Saturn mini-wagon for a Subaru Forrester. We couldn’t fit a second car seat in the Saturn while accommodating Mark’s extreme need for leg room. We got a Forrester because I thought we needed something just slightly bigger –without feeling like we were driving a behemoth and still easy to parallel park. Plus, though I’m not particularly vain about cars I had a penchant for the Forrester. Something about it’s design really appealed to me. And I really have loved driving it. However we might be trading it in as early as tonight.

We’re sucking up our pride and buying a minivan. The problem with the Forrester is that it only fits the four of us and occasionally that’s inconvenient. With gas prices as they are I really would like to carpool with some other mothers (to Noah’s school and on field trips) but I can’t fit one more car seat in the Subaru. We can’t pick up my teen sister (she just turned 13 yesterday!) for a visit and have our whole family in the car. We can’t take my Dad out to eat. It really is annoying. So minivan it is. We should have made that jump in the first place but I just wasn’t willing to do it yet. I guess I’m more vain about cars than I had thought.

What sucks is that we will be losing money on our Forrester. We will probably trade it in because I’ve been told the market for SUVs is pretty soft. Of course this will also affect our trade-in. Money down the drain. But I guess a year of excellent service is worth something.

After fixating for quite some time and doing a lot of online research we’re going to look at minivans tonight. I’m leaning toward a 2007 Sedona, 2005 Sienna or 2006 Town & Country. If you have any news on any of these please share.


Missuz J said...

My older sister went from a Forester to a Sedona and never looked back. She loves it.

patrice said...

so this is what it's come to.

kidding, I kid. I say if you're going to get a mini van, may as well go for Van. like a conversion van. with stripes! my sister used to have one and it was excellent. we could fit everyone in it AND coolers and beach chairs and a mariachi band. the interior was gray "leather" and I remember putting down the sun visor and realizing that it looked like an elephant ear.

in all seriousness, if I were getting a minivan, I would go for the honda oddessy myself. but I think there's very little difference in them at their core and you just have to go for the features you like.

Anonymous said...

It was actually a Toyota Sienna, and I do love it so.

-missuz J's older sis

Missuz J said...