Saturday, May 10, 2008

A gift

Motherhood is a gift. I am so incredibly thankful for my two beautiful boys and the opportunity to spend each and every day watching them learn and grow. Being a mother has changed my life drastically - and I'm not referring to my inability to make plans at a moments notice, sleep in and stay out drinking until all hours. My life feels richer, warmer and more meaningful. I always wanted to be a mother and in becoming one and striving to raise happy, healthy children I truly feel that I'm fulfilling the most important part of my destiny. And I feel so incredibly lucky that I get to share the joys and trials of parenthood with Mark. Actually, forget luck. I will take full credit for that because I really could not have made a better choice - for me, for us. But thank you to the gods, the fates, and the universe for being cooperative. And of course thank you, Mom for being so loving. And now I'm passing it on. I don't give myself alot of credit and I'm sure I could do alot of things better than I do - but I do know that my kids feel incredibly loved. And will continue to do so even when they are evil teens and scoff at my silly syrupy sweet affection.


Wendy Hitch said...

You are taking this gift and making the very most of it.
Hope you have a great day!

grandma said...

You are an amazing mother - I couldn't be more proud. My gift is seeing you and Mark with your boys - it doesn't get any better. (the squishy hug is running a close second).

Wolfgang Konrad Kreis said...

Dear Nicole and Mark
I am still regularly reading your blog entries, but this is the kind for which I love you and your family. Hope you had a cheerful Pentecost!
Wolfgang in Germany