Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tiddly bits

I fell in love with the school we toured last week. Small class size. Smart, involved students. Humble classrooms, an admirable set of principles and a real family atmosphere. Though it’s relatively cheap for a private school it isn’t actually cheap – but I keep thinking about how this school seems like it would be an excellent partner in helping us raise our children like we want them to be raised and that seems priceless. But we have more school research to do.

The kids loved the circus. Noah stared at all in complete concentration and awe. Ray, who is now a pointing, clapping fool, found much to point and clap about. We also had a great time at the zoo on Friday. We organized a group outing with some of our neighborhood Mommy network. It was nice to see the kids romping around together and also great to hand them off to each other for bathroom breaks, etc. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – networking with other Moms makes my job much more doable and enjoyable. I’m so thankful to have met so many women at home with kids of like ages in my neighborhood, at the playground, and at playgroup. I now have about 10 other mothers that I regularly make playdates with. Meeting people easily in public spaces is one of the very best things about the city.

We spent the bulk of this weekend in our “yard.” A friend gave me some of her plants and in doing so also gave me the motivation to actually plant flowers in pots again this year. And once we got back there and started poking around we remembered that we needed a new table set and FINALLY a gas grill. Though I haven’t had the time and peace of mind to put the grill together yet (80 freakin pieces!) we have been eating meals at our new outdoor table. The only problem is that the boys get filthy every time I take them out there – covered in sand and sidewalk chalk – and then they track it all over the house. When is the damn cleaning service coming?

I was very excited to get out and see a grand performance of Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Saturday. I was a fan of the movie (did you know my Oma's name is Hedwig) and a fan of the local actor so it was a necessity that I go. And of course Dito rocked it. Ah… how I miss the theater.

And as is always the case when the kids are in bed – I should be sleeping. Adieu.

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