Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A letter to Disney

The other day when Noah was blathering on about Disneyworld, I’m not even sure of the specific topic of conversation, Mark made a half-muttered smart-ass statement (as he is want to do) “Write a letter to Walt Disney.” I remember it clearly because I found it both funny and inflammatory, but luckily Noah didn’t respond so I thought we were in the clear.

Yesterday morning we had this exchange:
“I want to write a letter to Walt Disney like Daddy said.”
“Oh… Really? What do you want it to say?”
“Dear Walt Disney, I don’t know why the Tiki birds talk. Your rides are the bestest. Love Noah.”
“That sounds like a very nice letter.”
I then called Mark and explained the situation. He asked if I told Noah that Walt Disney was dead. I confessed I did not. When I got off the phone with Mark it went something like this:
“Daddy says he thinks Walt Disney is dead.”
“Because Disneyworld was created a long time ago and Walt Disney was very old.”
“I don’t think he is. I think he just disappeared. Maybe he is on vacation.”
“Where do you think he went on vacation?”
“Maybe Lancaster.”
“Could be.”
And this evening Noah said “When we go to Disneyworld we will find out if Daddy is right about Walt Disney being dead.” To which I responded "Sure. I think someone might know there."

On the news front Ray’s lip is heeled but he gave himself a slight shiner when he fell this afternoon. I’d be pretty pissed off with all the injuries that boy inflicts on himself but he’s just as smiley and goofy as ever. I got a call from the pediatrician saying he was marginally anemic and then recommending I start inundating him with iron drops. I've decided to not heed their suggestion initially and instead try to increase my iron as well as Ray's via diet. Ray isn't being too helpful though since he refuses to eat any baby cereal which is the best source. Who told him he had a say in what he eats? Noah never realized he did.

On Saturday Noah started a swimming class and since then he’s been practicing floating in his bathtub. His teacher told him to pretend he was looking up at the stars. I took him to see Go, Dog, Go on Saturday afternoon and he really enjoyed it. On Sunday myself and the boys went to visit my Dad and Oma and Mark got to stay home and clean the bathroom. Today I hosted art group – every other week a handful of Moms switch off hosting and organizing a project. The kids typically create very briefly and then switch to play while Moms snack and chat. Today we painted large terra cotta pots. Noah typically stays interested in the art project the longest, as he did again today. Not only did he completely cover his whole pot in paint during art group but he also painted two more pots in the afternoon. My friend Janette was also able to come today with her son Jules and new baby boy Rendle. It hasn’t been THAT long since Ray was 6 weeks old – only 9 months. But it seems like a gazillion years ago. It’s so weird.

I was looking back at old blog posts the other night. I like to go back and look at what I said about Noah when he was as old as Ray is now and mull endlessly over how different and yet amazing they are. But what is so striking about looking at the old blog posts is how much and how often I blogged. Like over 400 posts a year! And not just a bunch of photos either. In depth information about what he was eating, how he was sleeping, what he was learning, how I was feeling. It’s crazy! Not only do I now have NO time to devote to journaling like that but I don’t even think I THINK about it all that much. And Ray is just growing so fast and I can barely take in what is going on with him let alone save it for posterity. It makes me feel a little sad. If I have a third I’d have to resort to one word posts once a month.


Missuz J said...

I've been looking through my old posts too. I can't believe that I kept the old blog up daily. Life changes so much--and I don't even have a second kid to blame!

And I definitely can't get over the fact that Ray is--how old? 9 months? Time does fly.

Wendy Hitch said...

I know what you mean. I faithfully kept a journal throughout my pregnancy with Vic and all through his infancy and toddler years, but once Ivan was born, I pretty much lost the thing. I'm hoping my new blog will help me record more of Ivan's developments.
I think you are doing a very adequate job with Ray. So don't feel guilty about it. First children are always showered with more attention then the rest.

lonna said...

Life seems to be getting in the way of blogging for most of us these days.

I wanted to say some things about the iron, since I've had trouble. Are you still taking prenatal vitamins? I went off of them around 13 months when I knew that Dermot wasn't relying on breastmilk for the bulk of his calories any more. His iron was fine, but I went into anemia. Once I started the prenatals again, I was fine. Some people also find that raisins help. I despise them, and I doubt that we had introduced them to Dermot at 9 months of age, but we were way conservative with food. It might help you out. It's funny, now that we're way out of the baby days, I don't remember all of the times to introduce foods. It seems like raisins might be a choking hazard for a tiny guy.

juliloquy said...

Love Noah's imagination! I ran into Mark today. I miss you - things are crazy with a big work event this week, but after that I can breathe more easily and hope to see you!