Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Deja Vu

Today had a familiar ring to it. I went in for my 37 week check-up this morning. It turns out my blood pressure was elevated and there was protein in my urine. So they sent me to the hospital for further monitoring. That is EXACTLY what happened with Noah’s pregnancy – in the EXACT same week. Of course last time I was all in a tizzy freak out like “THEY MAY INDUCE ME TODAY!” and this time I was like “Yeah… how long is this going to take.” Plus I had Noah with me at the doctor’s office and hospital – he was of course an angel, eating snacks, reading his book, watching Barney – but you really aren’t supposed to have kids with you in labor and delivery and right after Mark arrived a snippy midwife asked if anyone was taking my son home so off they went. Of course they released me a mere 40 minutes later with orders to get more rest, etc. So I’m happy to report there is nothing further to be concerned about since there are no further signs of preeclampsia – just more orders to take it easy.

Of course the most noteworthy thing in all of this is that less than a week after this happened last time – my water broke and Noah was born. The clock is ticking.


Katiemagic said...

Man! That sounds both very scary and very exciting! tick tock.

ps. Can't find your address, could you email it to me kathrynet at gmail dot com?

lonna said...

Tick tick tick. I can't wait to see Mr. Ray in pictures. How funny, I had high blood pressure and no protein in my urine at 39w6d and they induced me anyway. I wish they had told me to just go home and rest. Then maybe I could have had the natural birth I had hoped for.

Anyway, I'm sure that you are ready to be "not" pregnant and to meet the next member of your family, especially if everything goes smoothly. Good luck!