Sunday, March 04, 2007

What? Me?

So I’ve been kind up until now and haven’t mentioned the headaches. The migraines. The ones I’m getting almost every day – and even when I don’t have a full blown one I still have a knot of pressure behind my right eye that feels like someone deposited some buckshot in there. Luckily I’m not the vomiting migraine sort. Just the blinding blurry vision, splitting pain and sensitivity to light sort. So not SO bad. Sources have been consulted and yes, these are a pregnancy symptom though I did not experience them last time. Fun. However I can try to avoid common trigger foods that may or may not be contributing to my headaches – peanut butter, dairy, yeast, beans, bananas, avocados, and chocolate. Um… right. Oh and today I overextended myself and hurt my pelvis muscles, so severely at first that I cried because I was worried it was going to cause a serious problem. I’m way better now, but that was scary. Need to knock that off. This pregnancy as a whole seems more difficult than the last, which aside from being voraciously hungry and having some mood swings was pretty pleasant. But maybe I’m just about to turn a corner.

As you know I have an advanced degree in worry. Last time I worried about being inexperienced at caring for a baby, being ill suited for it, going batty being at home and being apt to forget I had a baby and leave it in public places and in harms way. Luckily those fears are resolved, mostly. Now I can concentrate on other things like how hard it would be to raise a girl in our over-sexed society, how we’re poisoning our children with plastics, how I’m going to make these two the bestest and most closest siblings ever, how to make them not hate me and how I’m ever going to balance the needs of two children and ever get any sleep EVER. So ain’t no big thang.

Despite all the time I’ve needed to ferret out for the headaches and the worrying, we’ve actually had a really pleasant weekend. We had the in-laws and Janette, Perry and Jules over for take-out Indian food on Friday night. Yesterday we took a jaunt over to West Philly to visit with the family Juliloquy for a short playdate, had a frolic at Liberty Lands playground before nap and then had Grandma come by to watch Noah for an hour and treat us to dinner at Isla Ibiza. Today we were whisked downtown by the El on it’s 100th birthday – where we happened upon some Chinese lion dancing in Chinatown and then hung at the Septa celebration for the El’s big day. After a sparse, long and sad February – March is more than welcome respite.


Jen said...

Sometimes it is good to worry- a little. You are just a conscientious mom and there is nothing wrong with that.

I do hope you feel better soon. I have been suffering with some headaches myself so I know how un-fun they are.

patrice said...

maybe this different pregnancy means a different kind of baby, like the girl kind. god love you for eating cream of wheat, too, btw - it always seemed like wallpaper paste to me.

they won't steal your sleep some point, they're not going to wake up when you want them to, making both of you late for school or work or whatever. of course, I guess then they'll steal it again when you're just up worrying about them. I'm in the lull between the two with's lovely.

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

So do we know it's a girl or are you borrowing trouble?

Pregnancy Migraines SUCK! Migraines suck but add the whole I don't want to medicate with the baby to the equation it REALLY REALLY Sucks. I found a heating pad down my spine and a cold compress across my eyes helped a bunch!

Worse part of second/third pregnancy is the toddler you have to begin with - they don't understand lets take things slow and quiet today! But it will be worth it!

Alison said...

I'm so sorry I gave you something else to worry about. I did order glass bottles for the baby - they're apparently pretty safe, and they have none of those toxic problems. I'll let you know how they work.

Both my pregnancies were completely different. Although I was sick with both of them...and I did, like the old wive's tale predicted, get two girls. (for whatever that's worth...)

Hang in there.

Stine said...
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Stine said...

Hey you, I'm so sorry about the migraines. But I thought I'd share a little trick I learned in massage school that would be safe to do during pregnancy.. Next time you get a migraine. Get a basin/large tub of water, fill it with at least one tray of ice, and stick your feet in it until they are numb. Then take them out and let them warm slowly.

Migraines are blood getting trapped in the blood vessels of your head, and the ice water draws all the blood towards your feet thus theoretically, decreasing the migraine. I've had it work with some clients and on some, it doesn't work. But hey, wouldn't hurt to try.