Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tip of the iceberg

I’ve been trying to load new pictures on the blog for the last week but having no luck. I adored the ease of Hello’s Bloggerbot – but now that I have to use Blogger to put my pictures up I’m having such issues. Any bloggers have suggestions?

Sunday was a great success. Everything went as smooth as silk. Noah was on his best behavior for Daddy in the car, and had a blast playing dress-up with Nana at Pop Pop’s place. I remained in fantasy land while they were away. I saw The Queen which was enjoyable, had a quick salad and then watched Pan’s Labyrinth which was STUNNING – and got home ten minutes after the boys. Easy peasy.

We have another momentous occasion on the horizon. Tomorrow night I have the amazing good fortune (and stellar mother) to go see Spamalot – and as a result Mark will be putting Noah to bed for the first time EVER. Even though it’s been ages since I nursed him to sleep at bedtime, Noah was just so accustomed to me staying with him until he fell asleep that to even suggest Daddy put him to bed would get you an earful. But he’s been warned and so far he seems okay with it. Worse comes to worse they are both still awake when I get home after 11. We’ll see what happens.

In the last month Noah has started to blossom a bit socially. He’s gotten a lot less shy with his playmates, is playing more interactively and has gotten a bit more assertive when he needs to be. Rather than just pouting and allowing another child to take a toy out of his hands, he will now say “I was playing with that” and look to an adult to intervene. Thankfully he still wouldn’t DARE grab another kid’s toy, he’s very comfortable with appropriate adult mediation and he’s very capable of sharing. He’s just becoming a little less of a doormat – which is great.

Oh and A BOY! As you know we are having another boy. The gender of a child is a 50/50 proposition (hopefully) and I would probably have been feeling both a bit excited and a bit disappointed either way. I’d been feeling a bit convinced I was having a girl since my pregnancy was feeling so different and I admit I was a bit excited (and daunted) at the idea of raising a girl, but I’m also quite excited and relieved to be having another boy. Many folks say “So now you have to try again for a girl!” And though I always thought I wanted three – I now have my doubts. And they are primarily financial. I’d like to envision us taking our kids to see plays, to do extra activities, to travel, etc. and that seems near impossible to afford with three. But who knows. The heart wants what it wants, and sometimes that’s stronger than better judgment. It saddens me so to think that this is my last pregnancy – and I’ve always thought of my self as an older woman surrounded by my BIG family – so who knows. (Did I say that already?) Maybe we’ll win the lottery or something. The baby lottery. Right now we'll concentrate on birthing and raising number two.

I have more cute and clever Noah things to report, but I need a nap. Seriously. And SOMEDAY I’ll get some new photos up. Sheesh.


Missuz J said...

I have to admit I was a bit taken aback that M has never put Noah to bed. Not in a judgmental way, toward either of you, but more like--damn Nicole! It's about damn time you were out of the house at bed time.

Congrats on the boy news.

NME said...

Surprisingly it hasn't really been an issue for me. I have always been able to go out and be back before bedtime or go out after. Not that anyone is pounding down my door with exciting social engagements anyway.