Saturday, February 10, 2007

Unsung Heroes

So Ms. Elisha and Baby Hunter have come and gone. It was really lovely to have them here and now we are heartbroken to once again have them so far from us. It’s distressing to leave little Hunter at the airport and think about how much he will grow and change until we see him once again. But at least we have digital photos and emails to get us all through and keep us in touch.

Having Hunter here was great practice for Noah. By the end of their visit Noah was helping to bathe Hunter, giving him toys and putting lotion on him. It really was a joy to watch. And it was really an amazing experience watching my little sister being a Mom. She’s not got it easy unfortunately – she’s young and her and husband are barely scraping by financially – but she seems like she’s doing an excellent job of keeping her head up and staying focused on her wonderful little boy and all the joys that he’s bringing to her life, despite the daily grind and sleeplessness. And in my book that is the biggest key to being a good mother.

As for me and my pregnancy things seem to be progressing smoothly. I’d say I’m feeling slightly less exhausted and nauseated, but unfortunately my acid reflux has really started to kick up. When I was pregnant with Noah my acid reflux aided in my enormous weight gain because the only time I wasn’t feeling overcome with acid was while I was eating. Of course my food choices were also to blame. But I think I’m doing a somewhat better job of watching what and when I eat this time around, and honestly I am a lot less starved this time than last. I gained a whopping 75 pounds during Noah’s gestation to end at a hefty 225 – and though I’ve started this pregnancy 10 pounds heavier than the last time, I’ve promised myself to do what I could not to break the 200 mark. So far so good.

So I rarely mention Mark. Part of that is that he’s a more private person than myself and part of it is that I take him for granted. He’s always here helping, working, doing dishes, playing with Noah, and saying supportive and reassuring things. He really is the best. And in the last few months his bond with Noah has gotten a lot stronger. In fact Mark is a far better playmate than I. He’s more imaginative in his pretend play and he even does voices. But not only is Mark a better playmate he’s a better person. In the last year I’ve been really impressed with his efforts to recycle more and be involved in our community. As a member of our neighborhood association he’s working to make a difference even though he sometimes feels his efforts are in vain. Just recently he spent two entire days working to dig holes for 60 new street trees that will be planted to make our area a cleaner, greener place – including one in front of our home. This month Mark’s also spending time making music – he’s attempting to write an entire album in a month as part of some online challenge. So there is your Mark update.

The boy. So much to say. I've been wanting to give you some examples of the constant questioning that we are enduring here – but that will take more time on my part and I just ran out.

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