Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Too much blabbering for one post

(Crossing my fingers) We might be free and clear from the ick. Mark is well on his way to recovery with only a pesky cough as a reminder and Noah and I never really got ill. However Noah keeps complaining that his head, eyes and nose hurt – so there is still a possibility that he’s got some sinus congestion.

The week flew by. Thursday we went to Holly’s and made trick-or-treat bags with the kids. Holly went insane and bought enough stuff for Martha Stewart to start her crafting empire from scratch. And I’m lame and just brought puffy Halloween stickers – and I only had those since they were a gift from my cousin Tammy. The kids drew, stamped and stuck happily for awhile and then we took them outside to play. This meant that Tripp and Stella played rambunctiously and Noah clung to my leg and watched. Poor guy. He really can’t handle the free play – unless his playmate is as mild as he. But though I often feel sad for him because he can’t fully enjoy his time with his friends, I have to remember that he is his own person (and a super sweet person at that) and I shouldn’t push him outside his comfort zone. So I periodically gently encourage him to play by saying stuff like “It looks like they’re having fun in the sandbox. Do you want to play too?” He’ll say “Yes” and head over there until Tripp squeals with glee at the sight of him and then Noah turns right around and reattaches himself to my leg.

On Friday we went to Marita’s for more free playtime – ie. Noah watching and hugging me. The funny thing is that he finally warmed up ten minutes before we were about to leave. He got down on the floor and started playing with the cars next to the other boys just in time for me to have to wrangle him out of there. It’s all about the timing. We had a lunch date planned to meet Susan, Holly and the kids at St. Michael’s for the Russian festival luncheon. We significantly brought down the median age of the establishment since there were no other kids there and it was mostly populated by the old folks. We sucked down perogi, holupkis, kielbasa and cookies and then went home for our nap. Our fat-consumption induced nap.

The rain on Friday caused the Northern Liberties Music Festival to be rescheduled until next week so on Saturday we found ourselves with nothing planned. So since Mark felt he lost out on our Russian feast, the three of us went back to St. Michael’s for another lovely lunch (I'm not fat enough). After nap we hopped in the car and went to Linvilla Orchards for the Autumn Moon Hayride. The place was hoppin’ and everyone was feeling super autumnal now that there was a chill in the air. While perusing the market before our hayride Mark was spied by our new pal Julie who was shopping the lovely selection of fresh produce while her husband and son frolicked happily on the playground. It’s an amazingly small world – and it was such a lovely treat to run into her. After our hayride we chugged some cider, toasted some marshmallows on a bonfire and enjoyed the playground until it grew so dark we could no longer see Noah. Then we stopped in the Memory Grill for dinner before heading home. It was a really lovely evening with one exception. Before our hayride I spotted a food booth with a really long line – and my curiosity was piqued. What amazing delicacy was being sought out by the masses? The sign said “Apple Cider Donuts.” I’ve never had one but instantly I NEEDED to eat one. So I told Mark we’d get some before we headed home. Unfortunately the fates were not with us – when we came back the booth was closed. There were no more to be had. And now here I am still jonesin for an apple cider donut though I have no earthly idea what one tastes like. I think we’ll have to make another trip there just so I can go on with my life.

Sunday was family day and we set out to Quakertown to spend the afternoon with my Dad celebrating his birthday. We went out and had a huge lunch at Gregory’s Seafood Factory (nothing sounds as appetizing as factory food?) – and though we aren’t in Europe my Dad insisted on picking up the bill on his own Birthday lunch. Dagnabit. A highlight of my lunch was that the two glasses of wine I ordered were like super glases - I swear I nearly drank a whole damn bottle. We went back to the house (me with buzz) and Noah played ball and chase with Oma and poker with his Pa Joe. It’s nice to see Noah bring some joy into their eyes since otherwise the house is pretty glum. My grandfather was in and out of the hospital again last week and though my Oma brought him home again against doctor’s orders, she seems to have finally realized that she can no longer care for him at home. He spent our entire visit slumped over sleeping sitting upright on the living room couch. At one point when Oma said she was going to get a blanket because he felt ice cold – I actually made Mark go to check that he was still breathing. While it’s certainly not a nice thought to think that your grandfather is dead on the couch in the other room, part of me knew what a relief it would be for all of them. He requires more care than my Oma and Dad can give him and certainly more care than he deserves – he was never a giving or loving man and I’m sad to say that unfortunately everyone has a lot more reason to hate him than remember him fondly. But back to the positive – it was nice to see Noah make Oma smile for a change. When we left Dad’s place we stopped over at my Mom’s since with the hour drive out to Qtown it’s always best to have a two-fer visit. Mark watched the Eagles game (they say it was a good one but I can’t say that I give a rat’s ass) and Mom made dinner though we were so stuffed from lunch that I had to force myself to suck down all those yummy pot roast onions. Like last week when we went to Tammy's place, Noah went all day without a nap. And while once again he did it with aplomb and stayed good tempered, both days his temperment suffered the morning after - like a nap-less hangover.

We decided to use Mark’s Columbus holiday to discover some fall fashion. Well more like necessary apparel than fashion. Mark desperately needed to replace some threadbare work pants and I needed some long sleeve Ts. I got a couple at the Gap outlet – and I so love the feel of them and the fact that I only paid $7 for them that all morning I’ve been thinking about going back there tonight and buying more in different colors. Seriously – I just need basics on a day to day basis and I’d daydreaming of owning one for every day of the week. Plus- isn’t it crazy that when you finally do some shopping for yourself it just starts you thinking about all the other crap you need? Instead of feeling totally triumphant that I have something new to wear I’m thinking “Well I still need a really warm jacket, a hat, some cords, winter boots, and a few cardigans.” Consumerism is SO very addictive.

I keep meaning to post about all the things Noah says now – since he talks non-stop and in complete thoughts. But he says so much so often that I can’t really think of the most impressive phrases. However I’m awfully impressed by “No, please.” Not because it’s complex – just so damn polite. “Noah come sit in your chair for dinner.” “No, please.” It’s defiance LIGHT. OH – and for the first time this weekend Noah was calling my Mom “Gramma” rather than “Ah-wee.” Even though he could say Grandma for some time he’d been sticking to his original mispronounciation until now. I knew I would be saddened when the change happened but though my Mom had been pushing for it she was surprisingly sad too. As I explained to her “There are millions of Grandmas but only one Ah-wee.” By the end of the day we were nearly begging him to go back to calling her “Ah-wee.” Silly adults.


Katiemagic said...

Aren't three day weekends wonderful. I live in long sleeved tees in the winter. Consumerism is totally addictive.

I love "hearing" what Noah is saying. You have such a sweet boy there NME.

patrice said...

apple cider donuts taste like much better versions of entenmann's old fashioned donuts. they aren't as heavy. and sometimes they have cinnamon sugar on the outside. they are FANTASTIC.

glad to hear you had fun this weekend.

juliloquy said...

HPR and I were commenting that if we had PLANNED to meet up with you at Linvilla, it never would have worked. It was great to run into you 3; the guys were sad not to see you. Someday Noah and Shmoo will ride the playground train together!

Ooh, I'm envious of the St. Michael's feast! I'll take perogi over a cider donut any day. Well, no, that's not true. Maybe both.