Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Slipping into the future

My evil plan to keep busy seems to be working. We had a lovely playgroup on Monday, a divine visit by Janette and Jules on Tuesday and a raucous music class this morning. Tomorrow is grocery store Thursday and then we’ve got our neighborhood playdate on Friday morning. Having one time consuming concrete thing to do each day is really helping the days move along. And each day includes time outdoors enjoying one of the parks and our pristine weather – with premonitions of having to bundle up to do the exact same thing in just a few short weeks. This week is just flying by. And I just realized yesterday that Mark has a three day weekend in celebration of Columbus day. I think we might go out and discover something that’s already been discovered. That is if we are well.

Mark was overcome with illness on Monday morning – and is still battling the beast. And this time around we’re taking extreme precautions to prevent Noah and me from catching the ick. Poor Mark has had to sleep in a different bed for the last two nights and has been outlawed from having any super cuddly hugs and kisses from either of us. Sad, pitiful thing. And then there is all the chafing from the excessive hand-washing. But luckily it won’t all be for naught – though I’m a tad worried that Noah’s nose seems a bit runny this morning. But I won’t think about that now.

In music class today I sat myself down next to the two moms that looked the most laid back, the ones I thought I would have the most in common with. Turns out they were both nannies. Ha! I fit in more with the help. We’re taking the class in a more expensive neighborhood than where we live and I feel a bit daunted by all the prim and proper moms and their expensive strollers. Noah however was not feeling the least bit daunted. He LOVES that class. He sang, danced, and played instruments with abandon. His favorite part of the class is when they have to give back anything they were given to play with. He’s a big beaming joyous boy leaping up into the center of the room to put back his scarf or his shaker egg. He definitely does better in a structured class with an engaging activity than he does in a room full of kids during free play time and I will definitely have to keep him in some sort of class in the future. Maybe when music is over we’ll take an art class in the new year.

And tonight is the premiere of LOST! Hooray.


lonna said...

Nannies at a music class seems wrong to me. The whole point of the class is for parent and child to interact in a structured environment. We went on a weekend so that we could both go with Dermot.

Dermot was the exact opposite from Noah in music class. He didn't seem to like the structure. He does better in free play, but he's also used to that from daycare. He also loved to return things. Isn't that funny?

I'm glad that Noah is happy being kept so busy. That must make the days go quicker for both of you. Good luck avoiding the ick and I hope that Mark feels better soon.

patrice said...

that structure sounds divine.

they want bella to take music lessons too, at daycare. for a fee. when I'm not there. as if I don't pay enough and miss enough already.

3carnations said...

Our two year old son was in a music/general jumping around class at the Y last winter. We might do something like that again to keep us active when the really cold weather hits.

How old is your son (sorry, first time here)?

Missuz J said...

That music class sounds AWESOME!

Nannies? Damn. I would have been completely outclassed.

Get well to Mark.