Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Warm weather is awesome

Spring is truly a rebirth. We've been spendind most afternoons in the park t is lovely. The big boys are awesome. Ray is so funny and talkative. He wants to tell strangers that the Muse video he saw on youtube has giant evil teddy bears in it. And he's sad when they arent't listening or don't understand why he's talking about teddy bears apropos of nothing. Noah is out of the very trying phase he was in briefly, knock wood, and often doesn't raise a fuss when I expect him to. I'm all braced for the whining and he replies simply "Got it!" And he's really taken with Lee - wanting to hold and carry him, singing him songs when he's crying.
Time is passing and the kids are growing. I wish I had some time to document it all but I can barely keep up.

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