Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fancy Pants

Ray is wearing big boy underpants! On Thursday he pulled the package of underwear he had received in his Christmas stocking out of his dresser drawer and commenced with a fashion show. He was clearly enchanted with them. So much so that he refused to put a diaper and pajamas on for bed. I had to wait to change him after he fell asleep. So the next morning - underwear it was. And he's totally committed, even morally opposed to wearing Pullups to bed. He's doing amazingly well. I'm always worried about a setback but in this case Ray's stubborn nature is a positive. He decided he is a big boy and no longer wears diapers and so it was.
Along with the bother of having a kid pee every 25 minutes I also get the humor. Like his newfound fascination with his penis. He converses with it. And his love of the idea that when he flushes his poop and pee goes to a party. He wishes them well on their adventures.
And then there is that cute little underwear butt!


lonna said...

Way to go Ray. I adore little kids in their new underwear. It's just so cute.

Anna said...

Okay, that is truly too cute for words!!! Yay for Ray!

Grandma said...

Hey - What about pics of Lee on your blog? I need something to show my friends at work!