Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I said AT the table

Noah went to his first day of camp today. He'll be there playing on the playground, dancing in the sprinklers, drawing and making friends for FOUR WHOLE HOURS! That is the longest he has ever been to school. I even packed his lunch. He is more ready than I. His only anxiety was about how to get open the Gladware containers I put his lunch in. That was really stressing him out. We had to practice. But Ray was the most upset by todays events. He wanted to "come too" and when we left he cried "I want Noah!" As the first born Noah recognizes the beauty of having complete parental attention without sharing. But Ray doesn't. Being with Noah is more fun than without. I once read that the first child is born into a world of adults while all subsequent children are born into a world of childhood. It is so true and realy must shape how they see the world. I think about that almost daily as I watch Ray follow Noah around, so enamoured by his big brother. I am so thankful to be able to witness it.

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