Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Things have been pretty crazy here. We were very busy with social and family stuff for a couple of weeks. And now my Oma (German for Grandma) is staying with us. Have you ever lived with a 78 yo German lady? She could be here for a couple more days or weeks - only time will tell. Things are going pretty well considering she can be a bit stubborn and easily frustrated, and worst yet we don’t get her beloved Game Show Network on our cable system. But she seems to be really enjoying time with the boys and it’s really nice having them get to know her better. She is being pretty gracious about being here and all in all it’s a good thing in the midst of a bad situation (it isn’t safe for her to be home with my Grandfather at the moment and she needs to be away until things get sorted with him) but I still have to remind myself to be patient with her. Like when I have to tell her things repeatedly. For example - several times a day after she gets totally flummoxed with the television I have to remind her that she needs to change the channel on the cable box and not on the TV. It's not just the remind part, it's that she is so damn pissed off at our STUPID TV! But the hardest part is I’m jonesing for more computer time and it’s in the room she's staying in. I can’t move it because there isn’t another convenient phone jack. So for the time being my computer time is even more compromised. And with that I've got to go. Oma is knitting and watching Price is Right but also trying to talk to me about somone's bonus spin and how she doesn’t like Drew Carey. It makes it hard to concentrate.


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We had such a marvelous time going to the beach with you and your oma and the boys. She is certainly a character and such a good sport. I really enjoyed being around her.
Having no more living grandparents, I think you are so lucky to have this time with her, as hard as it may be at times. Someday you will look back and smile.