Thursday, March 27, 2008

Short posts?

Taking a cue from Julie I will try to post short posts more often rather than waiting for more free time that never comes.

After my last post I was struck down by a stomach virus in the middle of the night. I felt very lousy for 24 hours and was unable to take Noah to his skating party. I’m happy to report that Mark took a half day to take him. I’m told that Noah was a determined little skater who fell a couple of times and kept on skating. He came home so proud that he had skated all by himself. And I think Mark was proud too. Though I’m disappointed I missed it and certainly did not enjoy vomiting, I think it turned out for the best. The two of them had some real quality time together.

Easter was grand. We saw almost all our immediate family in one day. Noah was so wrapped up in playing with his cousins that when I'd check on him he'd practically say "Scram, Ma. You're cramping my style." Noah participated in six egg hunts and we have insane amounts of candy. That won't help me lose more weight.

Ray is now off his Reflux meds. Yay! He's also quite snuffly again. Hope that passes quickly without infecting others. Have I mentioned he is incredibly sweet, squishy, cuddly and lovely? I knew I would love another baby but was not sure I could be head over heels in love with him as I am with Noah. And I am. Ray isn't Noah. He's Ray. And I adore him. He is such a funny little guy - constantly making me chuckle.

Last week when Noah was playing in the theater in The Discovery Museum a woman came in to teach a kids acting class and said we could stay. The class was a bit stage-motherish in a wierd way - teaching kids stage directions, improvisation and voice projection. The youngest kid in the class was about two years older and Noah was a bit too shy to completely participate. But he did listen to the teacher and do what she instructed. At the end of the class the instructor told me she was amazed at his attention span. Which I always am. He's such an amazing little student.

After much internal debate we paid a deposit for Noah to go to the same school next year rather than send him someplace with more time. I realized if Noah was in school for three 6 hour days I would be inclined to just have him at home the other two weekdays - and less likely to have him out on all our field trips to the museums, the zoo, the library. And he really enjoys those and learns alot. And so do I. Plus then we can spend some extra money signing him up for additional classes - like music, art, dance, tumbling. So for one more year I am going to hoard him. He'll be away all day soon enough. I'm going to keep enjoying having me with him while I can.

I often feel bad for Mark. On weekdays he'll leave before the day really gets started and get home for the business end of the day - just wrangingling two kids through dinner, bath, bed. By the time he gets home all the fun stuff is done and we're all worn out. And I realize that is how it is for so many parents. And one day it will be so for me too. So I have to enjoy these days while I have them. As exhausted as I may be. I'll never get them back again.

Oh crap. That wasn't short at all. I suck at short.


Missuz J said...

Not that I'm planning it anytime soon (or really ever)I've always wondered if I could love another baby the way I love Soph.

All you outings sound SO FUN. It makes me want to move to the city.

juliloquy said...

You're so cute. It would take me two weeks to write a post like this!