Sunday, December 09, 2007

What's been plaguing us.

It was kind of a pitifully lost weekend here. We’ve all been sick, with Noah and Ray having the worst of it. It started over a week ago and while we were able to hold it at bay a bit while my sister Elisha and her family visited, (MISS THEM!) once she left we were sad and sicker. And sickness brings on nighttime disturbances which brings on sleep deprived parents fighting a losing battle against illness. Sniffle… yawn.

On the plus side, I’m almost done Christmas shopping. As of Thursday morning I hadn’t bought one single thing. Since then I’ve made one trip to Target and many shopping excursions online. If everything ships okay I should be golden. Thank you world wide interweb.

And back to the illness. A sick baby is a pitiful sight. Ray is awash in a fountain of snot, occasionally gagging on phlegm. He’s trying to keep his spirits up but the battle is too great. This is thanks in no small part to the fact that he is also getting his second tooth. YES – second. At not even five months old. This kid is in a rush. His super cool big brother has a whole mess of teeth and he wants some real bad. And the growing – by God this boy is huge. I think he’s nearly 18 pounds. Strong and built like a brick. I can honestly say he might be the most pleasingly squishy baby ever. We’ve taken to calling him happy bear – for his smiley disposition and his body type.

And Noah – well, while he’s been smart, engaging and sweet as always he’s also been tired, clingy and whiney. SO CLINGY. Yesterday he wouldn’t even let Mark put his coat on. “NOOO! MAMA! MAAAA-MAAAAA!” He’s been so beat that he’s taken naps every day for the past three days - for the first time since he dropped naps in May!

So PLEASE let the illness be gone soon. We want to get back to reveling in the holiday season. Photos and video to come.


lonna said...

I just hate to hear about a baby's first sickness. It's just so miserable. I hope that all four of you are on your way to feeling better.

Missuz J said...

I hope you all feel better SOON!