Monday, August 06, 2007

Let the games begin.

Please let this not be a long, hard road.


Missuz J said...

Good luck! The only thing I know for sure about potty training is that when they're ready, they'll do it. If they're not, there are no amount of stickers or charts or programs that will make them.

juliloquy said...

Oh, it will be. (Well, I hope not, for you, but it sure has been for us.)

Cute underwear! Shmoo has those, too!

lonna said...

Is there anything cuter than little ones in underwear? We're working on things at our house too, but that's a long story.

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

First are you doing this at his request?

I agree with Bec - if they are into wearing big boy (girl) underwear then it is easy - if they aren't then it's easier to push a pea across the floor with your nose for hours!!!!!! (I haven't thought of that saying for a bazillion years - my grandmother used to say it. hehehehe)

Lot's of Luck - I've used the sticker chart with stickers for everytime the go in the potty (2 if it's poo) and then after 10 stickers they get an award - for up to 30 times then they seem to have grasped it completely!

Katiemagic said...

You are a brave, brave woman! Good luck.

The Noah who lives next door to us is just about your Noah's age, and it went pretty quick over there. (Although I think he might still be going into the back yard to pee with the dog) Hee hee.

Stine said...

May the force be with you my dear.