Wednesday, July 05, 2006

His name is Noah

It seems overnight Noah has gone from never saying his own name to saying it constantly. Before when we were trying to prompt him to say his name and he’d just point. We knew he could say it, but he was just refusing. Now it’s always on the tip of his tongue. Especially when demanding that you give way to his newfound independence. How dare you think of assisting him. “Noah” he states to tell you who will be the master of this task.

Yesterday he ambled up into the desk chair and started pounding on the keyboard. “Choo choo!” he said as he moved the mouse. Mark came to his aid and said “You want to see the trains?” And the boy said “Noah,” before commencing banging on the keyboard. Then he looked at Mark with a confused look and said “Choo choo.” But once again rebuffed Mark’s assistance with “Noah.” He must have been thinking “I pushed these buttons and moved that thing around – why are there no choo choos?”

And this has been the way of the world here at our house. This morning after I got him some clementines off the counter he demanded he get his own. Then he wanted to pick out his clothes and put on his own socks. It’s all very cute and exciting but also aggravating as all get out.

The holiday weekend was festive, busy and fun – as you can gather from my little photo essay. I won't bother to repeat the goings on covered in the spread - so we'll spring to Monday. On Monday we decided to forego the “Fiesta on the Parkway” and instead have our own little adventure. We took the 57 bus down to South Street, went to Pad Thai for dinner and then walked over to the river, and along the Delaware from South to Market where we took the El back home. It was nice just to be out and about and Noah very much enjoyed the walk and taking various forms of mass transportation.

Unfortunately yesterday was not so pleasant. It began at 4 am when Noah awoke and could not be returned to sleep, despite being absolutely exhausted. I’m guessing (as always) that it’s those damned incisors. And it continued when we went down to the kitchen to find water all over the floor by the utility closet. It seems we have a water drainage leak in our air conditioner. So we’re currently without our central AC and need to call in an HVAC person to charge us an arm and a leg for a problem that seems rather small. That put quite a damper on our collective mood for the Fourth, that and our incredible sleepiness. We were able to rally enough to have a nice dinner, but were too beat to fulfill our original plans to watch the Art Museum fireworks from the 30th Street bridge. It’s a good thing too – they didn’t set them off until 11 pm, by which time I was already asleep on the sofa.

Today I planned to take Noah to the Tot Swim at the Rec Center, but it’s grey and rainy. Damnable weather. Not sure what the rest of the week holds in store for us, but I’m already looking forward to the weekend.


patrice said...

ha. these independent kids. bella's constant refrain of "idoit" is always making me late. she has to get into the car by herself, out of the car by herself, up and down the stairs by herself...

sorry to hear about your A/C. my A/C's been out for, like, always. I hope it stops raining - trent has a game.

Missuz J said...

In my head I think, "He was a show girl" after your title.

Do yourself a favor though, and let him do things for himself. It's a pain now, but SO worth it later.